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Kota: In Kota, Rajasthan, the mother, upset with her own...

Kota: In Kota, Rajasthan, the mother, upset with her own son, complained to the SDM for maintenance. The son was summoned by sending a summons to the son by the sheeting sub-divisional officer Rajesh Daga. On being explained, Dwarkya Bai, a resident of village Madalyahedi, was given the right of maintenance. The sub-divisional officer said that Dwarkya Bai submitted an application requesting that she has two sons, the elder son takes care of the work of agriculture in the village itself. While the younger son is working in government service in Jalore. Dwarkya Bai lives with her eldest son and is looked after by the eldest son. Whereas the younger son is neither looked after nor sent money for his maintenance.

The younger son used to ask the mother on the phone itself.
Taking cognizance, the SDM recorded the application in the register and summoned Rajendra, the younger son of Dwarkya Bai. Both the mother and son appeared in the court. He told that it was told by his son that due to the job being far away, he does not come and go here, due to which he only inquires about the mother’s well being on the phone. At the same time, all the land of his share is done by his elder brother, due to which all the responsibility of expenses and water is with the elder brother.

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I have taken a loan, so do not send money
The younger son Rajendra told that I have taken a loan to build a house, so I cannot afford much. During this, it was explained and it was decided that Rajendra would give 3 thousand rupees to his mother every month i.e. a total of 36 thousand rupees annually to meet his own needs. Rajendra will start giving 3000 rupees from the month of July. On this, happiness was seen on the face of the mother, while the son also realized his responsibility.

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