Kurhani By Elections 2022: Sanjay Jaiswal And Shahnawaz Hussain Attacks On BJP In Muzzafarpur Ann

Muzaffarpur: Now BJP has also given its full strength in...

Muzaffarpur: Now BJP has also given its full strength in Kurhani by-elections. Many senior BJP leaders were present in the nomination of candidate Kedar Gupta on Tuesday. During this, BJP leaders openly attacked the Bihar government. Sanjay Jaiswal said that those who ruined Bihar, ran liquor syndicate and snatched food grains from the poor. The same people have come in front of all of you again as candidates. Nitish ji sometimes gets a liquor smuggler and sometimes a drunkard for a ticket. Shahnawaz Hussain said that the opposition takes votes by intimidating Muslims from BJP.

Election of BJP vs Syndicate

Further, Jaiswal said that like you people defeated him in 2015, answer once again in the same way. I have full faith that this time the people of Kudhani will make them win by more than 30 thousand votes. This battle is between development and destruction. I ask, why only Nitish Kumar likes scamsters and syndicate people? BJP State President Sanjay Jaiswal told that the candidate has been selected by the Liquor Syndicate in Kudhni. In Gopalganj also, the person running the liquor syndicate was given a ticket. The candidate has been selected after selection by the Liquor Syndicate in Kudhni. The election to be held in Kudhni is from BJP vs Syndicate. Only we will win in this.

BJP’s aim is development JDU-RJD takes Muslim votes by intimidation

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Former minister BJP leader Shahnawaz Hussain told that RJD and other parties take votes by showing fear of BJP to Muslims. BJP leader Shahnawaz Hussain said that a true Muslim only fears God. A true Muslim is not afraid of anyone other than Allah. He told that RJD and other parties take votes from Muslims by showing fear of BJP.

He said that I am a true Muslim and I am not afraid of anyone except God, so I am with BJP. Further said that other parties show the fear of BJP to the Muslims. In the same way I am closest to BJP, so BJP should have eaten me first. That is the reason why I would appeal to the people that there is no need to be afraid of BJP. The aim of BJP is everyone’s support and everyone’s development.

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