Kushinagar News: In Kushinagar, a house built by a policeman by illegal construction on government land collapsed today in the lap of the bulldozer of the Yogi government. In 1972, a luxurious house was built by Changur Prasad, who was a Diwan in the Police Department, on the land recorded in the land records in the name of the barn. Whose complaint had been made before the higher authorities. There was a case going on regarding the same.

Court order action

At present, there was a dispute going on for a long time between the District Industries Department and Changur Prasad on this land in the name of District Industries and Enterprise Promotion Center Padrauna. Today, on the orders of the court, this illegal construction was busted by deploying a police force under the leadership of the Deputy Collector, Tehsildar.

The administration was fully prepared to demolish this illegal construction. After demolishing the house built on illegal land, the SDM told that it was the barn land, about which the dispute was going on for a long time. After the order of the court, work is being done to remove this illegal encroachment.

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Was posted as Diwan in Police Department

Originally a resident of Bihar, Changur Prasad has been posted as Diwan in the police department in various districts including Kushinagar. Changur Prasad, while being a Diwan in Padrauna Kotwali, illegally occupied this land in 1970 and got the house constructed in 1972. Originally, Chhangur Prasad’s home was made on this land inscribed in the name of the barn in the revenue records.

This land was allotted to the District Industries Department at present and it comes under it. The department was constantly making efforts to remove the illegal occupation from the District Magistrate regarding the illegal occupation and construction in the campus of the District Industries Department.

notice was given

According to the order of the District Magistrate Court, notice to remove illegal construction was given to Chhangur Prasad in the past. On the instructions of the District Magistrate, on the instructions of the District Magistrate, the illegal construction was demolished by running bulldozers in the presence of the Deputy District Magistrate and the police force.

The land was registered in the name of the barn

Sub-Collector Padrauna Mahatma Singh told that in the Bhulekh this land is registered in the name of barn. There was already a litigation going on regarding this land. After the order of the court, today this house is being demolished by using bulldozers.

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