Life Ban Imposed On Wrestler Satender Malik By The Wrestling Federation Of India WFI

Ban On Satender Malik: Army wrestler Satender Malik on Tuesday...

Ban On Satender Malik: Army wrestler Satender Malik on Tuesday attacked referee Jagbir Singh after losing the 125kg final during the Commonwealth Games trials here, prompting him to be banned for life by the national federation. The Indian Air Force wrestler was leading 3-0 18 seconds before the end of the decider but Mohit pushed him off the mat after ‘take-down’.

Referee Virender Malik, however, did not give Mohit two points of ‘take down’ and the wrestler challenged the decision. The jury of this bout, Satyadev Malik, recused himself from the decision citing impartiality. Satyadev is from Mokhra village from where Satender also comes. After this, experienced referee Jagbir Singh was requested to look into the challenge.

With the help of TV replays, he decided to give three points to Mohit. After this the score became 3-3 and remained intact till the end. Mohit was declared the winner after securing the last point of the match. With this decision, Satender lost his cool and went to the mat of the 57kg match where the final match between Ravi Dahiya and Aman was taking place where Jagbir was also present.

Satender started beating after reaching Jagbir
Satender reached Jagbir and started beating him. He first abused and then slapped Jagbir, who lost his balance and fell on the ground. After this the 57 kg match was stopped because after this incident there was a ruckus inside the KD Jadhav Hall of Indira Gandhi Stadium. Hundreds of fans, officials and participants were astonished to see such a sight.

The Wrestling Federation of India (WFI) officials sent Satender out of the hall and resumed the match. All this was happening in front of the eyes of WFI President Brij Bhushan Sharan Singh sitting on the stage. WFI Assistant Secretary Vinod Tomar said that we have imposed a life ban on Satender Malik. This decision has been taken by the WFI President.

He said that the referee of that match would also be called to explain why Mohit was not awarded points even though he had clearly ‘take down’. Why did he let the situation get out of hand? Jagbir Singh trembled and said that I did not know that he would do such a thing.

What did Jagbir Singh say?
Jagbir, who has been the top level (Class One) referee since 2013, said that I had nothing to do with that match. I officiated in the finals of 97kg and 65kg. I gave the decision in that only when I was asked to do so.

He said that it is up to the WFI what decision they take against him. Satyadev Malik told PTI-language that I wanted to stay away from making decisions because we live close to each other. Even in international wrestling, if the wrestler is from India, then no jury of India can participate in that match. When asked about this incident, he said that it is really unexpected as Satender is usually a very calm person.

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