Lottery Operator Fraud With People In Agra On The Profit Basis

Lottery Fraud: In Agra, UP, a case of cheating of...

Lottery Fraud: In Agra, UP, a case of cheating of lakhs by luring profits in lottery has come to the fore. In Prakash Nagar of Shahganj area of ​​the city, a lottery operator bluffed people with profits and got fuzzy with lakhs of rupees. This person has been accused that at first he deposited lakhs of rupees on the pretext of profit to the people and when the money was demanded back from it, he started avoiding, but now he has escaped from his house as well. Regarding this, the victims appealed to the police. So the police has ordered an investigation in the matter.

People living in Prakash Nagar of Shahganj area of ​​Agra have complained to SP City Vikas Kumar that a person from his own locality used to work in lottery operations. In the year 2019, he contacted people and told some 52-week scheme. He tricked people to deposit 500 to 2 thousand rupees every week under this scheme and earn huge profits. On completion of this period, the amount will be increased by 10%.

bluffs given to the working class people

According to the police, the victims belong to the working class. These people started depositing 500, 1000 and 2000 rupees every week under the guise of lottery operator. He had given every person a diary in which he used to write down the amount every time. After this, in the year 2020, during the Corona period, people’s work stopped but he kept on taking money under the scheme. Then the time of 52 weeks also came to an end. When the victims asked for their money back with interest, he started postponing. He used to return these people every time by making a new excuse. Now he has run away from his house as well. After which people approached the police with a plea.

what the police have to say

On this matter, the SP City has told that the complaint of the lottery operator has been received. The statements of the victims have also been recorded in the case. After this, along with investigating the police station, orders have also been issued to take action. One of the victims says that he had deposited money for the marriage of his daughters. Thought that the money would be collected, he would marry his daughters, but now he is forced to wander.

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