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HC Says Love is Blind: The Karnataka High Court has...

HC Says Love is Blind: The Karnataka High Court has allowed the girl who ran away and married her lover to live with her husband, but at the same time warned that what she has done to her parents, tomorrow her children too. You can treat him the same way. The girl’s father T.L. Nagaraju, while filing a habeas corpus petition in the court, said that his daughter is an engineering student and has disappeared from his college hostel and was forcibly taken away by a driver named Nikhil alias Abhi. .

Nisarga and Nikhil were appointed by Justice B. Veerappa and Justice K. s. Hemalekha was produced before the bench. Nisarga said before the court that she was born on 28 April 2003 and is of age according to her age. She is in love with Nikhil and went with him of her own free will. The two got married on May 13 in a temple and since then both have been living together. She wants to live with her husband and does not want to go back to her parents.

While recording the statement of both the court gave some advice to both the parents and their daughter. The bench told the parents that there are instances in our history when parents laid down their lives for their children and children sacrificed their lives for the parents.

If there is love between the two, there can be no dispute in the family.
The bench said, “… if there is love and affection between the two, then there can be no dispute in the family. Also, to protect their rights, the court can either against the parents of the children or against the children of the guardians. There was no question of leaving.” In its recent judgment, the bench said, “The peculiar facts and circumstances of the present case make it clear that ‘love is blind and a more powerful tool than the love and affection of parents, family members and society’.”

No role of parents or society in choosing a life partner
The court cautioned Nisarga, “The time has come for children to know that life involves reaction, resonance and reflection. What they are doing to their parents today, will happen to them tomorrow as well.” The bench also quoted Manusmriti in this sequence. The court, however, dismissed the petition of Nisarga’s father, saying that though the law may regulate the conditions of a valid marriage, “society, including parents, has no role in choosing a spouse”.

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