Lucknow NewsTo save the patient’s life, kidney was transported to SGPGI from Apollomedics Superspecialty Hospital in Lucknow, UP by making a green corridor. There is a distance of 10 km between the two hospitals, which was covered by the ambulance in just 7 minutes through the Green Corridor. In order to save the life of the patient, for the first time in the capital Lucknow, a green corridor was arranged between a private hospital and a government medical institution. Let us inform that a 21-year-old youth had died in a road accident. After which, under the process of organ donation, both his kidneys, liver and cornea were removed to give life to other patients. The kidney of the same young man was now used to save the life of another patient.

Green corridor built like this

Dr. Mayank Somani, CEO and MD of Apollo Medics Hospital said that when the doctors of SGPGI came to know about the availability of kidney in Apollo Medics for organ donation, the doctors of both the hospitals completed the process of cross matching on the whole night of 10-11 May. Of. This showed that the kidney matched that of a 35-year-old woman admitted for treatment of severe kidney disease in the available SGPI. We sought help from the DM and traffic police for this. Taking immediate action, the district administration helped in taking the kidney to SGPGI by making this green corridor. We express our gratitude to the families of the deceased youth for setting an unparalleled example of humanity and all the officers and doctors for making this work a success. Such successful coordination has certainly given a glimmer of hope to patients awaiting organ donation.

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After the death of the young man, the family took the decision

After the death of the young man in the accident, his relatives decided to adopt the process of organ donation to give life to other patients. Of these, one kidney and liver were transplanted to patients awaiting organ donation at Apollo Medics Hospital. While the cornea was sent to KGMU for transplant to a patient awaiting eye donation.

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