Madhya Pradesh All India Institute Of Speech And Hearing Outreach Center Opened In Bhopal Hamidia Hospital ANN

Madhya Pradesh News: All of you must have heard about...

Madhya Pradesh News: All of you must have heard about hearing and speaking problems in newborns. When parents come to know that their child is not hearing and speaking, they get nervous. To reduce all these problems, the country’s largest hospital, All India Speech and Hearing Mysore, which treats speech-hearing problems, has started an outreach service center at Hamidia Hospital, Bhopal. The Union Health Ministry has opened this center in the hospital for five years.

So far 1100 newborns have been screened

In this center, the most focus is being given to newborns. So far, 1100 newborn children have been screened in this center, which opened three months ago. Of these, 100 children were diagnosed with hearing loss. In such a situation, these children were called for re-examination. Due to the carelessness of the family, only 70 children could come again, the remaining 30 children could not come back. Actually, under screening, it is checked whether the children have any problem in hearing or speaking. This center has been shifted to the new building of Hamidia Hospital where employees are working in two shifts.

Screening will also be done in Sultania Hospital
Screening of newborns is done at Hamidia Hospital in the first shift from 9:00 am to 2:00 pm and in the second shift from 3:00 to 5:00 pm at Sultania Hospital. When talking to Dr. Jyotsna Srivastava HOD of Hamidia Hospital regarding this whole matter, he told that AIISH Mysore Center has started. Here such children are screened who have difficulty in speaking and hearing. This project is of five years and under this it is our endeavor that maximum number of children should get the benefit of it.

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