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Rain has started in many areas of Madhya Pradesh but...

Rain has started in many areas of Madhya Pradesh but it has not rained as expected. Drizzle and light rain have been seen in different areas of the state for the last 3 days. Due to the increase in humidity due to light drizzle, people of many areas are getting very upset. A similar sight was seen yesterday in the capital Bhopal and Sehore, where the residents of the city had to face scorching heat due to the humidity during the day.

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The same condition is present in many areas of the state because until the monsoon does not become fully active and rains, there will be no drop in the temperature. The residents of the state are continuously waiting for the activation of monsoon and rains as the effect of the monsoon not being fully active is also affecting the crops and the land.

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What did the meteorologist tell
Meteorologist MS Tomar said that due to the absence of any effective weather system in the Bay of Bengal and the Arabian Sea, the monsoon is not progressing in the state for four days. Due to this, the temperature has also started increasing due to some decrease in rain. On June 26, the process of rain will start in some districts of the state. However, due to the increase in temperature, there will be light showers with thunder and lightning.

According to the Meteorological Center, at present a Western Disturbance is forming in the upper part of the air in North India in the form of an offshore basin. Due to this cyclone, a trough feet line has been formed through East Madhya Pradesh. Due to some moisture coming due to the effect of this weather system, it is raining in different districts of the state including the capital.

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