Maharashtra Political Crisis Shiv Sena Mla Nitin Deshmukh Was In Surat With Eknath Shinde Says He Was Kidnapped

Maharashtra Political Crisis: Amidst the political upheaval in Maharashtra, Shiv...

Maharashtra Political Crisis: Amidst the political upheaval in Maharashtra, Shiv Sena leader Nitin Deshmukh has made a big claim. Nitin Deshmukh, MLA from Akola, who is part of Eknath Shinde’s camp, reached Nagpur Airport and alleged that he was kidnapped in Surat. Nitin Deshmukh who was present in Surat with Eknath Shinde said that he is Shiv Sainik of Uddhav Thackeray and Balasaheb Thackeray.

With this statement of his, Shiv Sena’s claim seems to be stamped in which the party had told Shiv Sena leaders to be forcibly kidnapped in Surat hotel. Shiv Sena MLA Nitin Deshmukh has said that 100-150 policemen took me to the hospital and it has been pretended that I have been attacked. They wanted to operate on me, so that they could harm me. I am fine by the grace of God. I am with Uddhav Thackeray.

Shiv Sena had earlier also accused the Gujarat Police of thrashing MLA Nitin Deshmukh in a Surat hotel. Local Shiv Sena leader from Surat, Paresh Kher had said that Nitin Deshmukh came out of the hotel and came to a crossroads, where he had sought help from us to go to Mumbai. Then the police reached there and caught them and took them back to the hotel. On protesting against Nitin Deshmukh, the police beat him up.

wife filed missing report

At the same time, Shiv Sena leader Sanjay Raut had claimed about this entire incident that the BJP has kidnapped 9 of their MLAs. His MLAs want to come back to Mumbai, but they are not being allowed to come back. On the other hand, MLA Nitin Deshmukh’s wife had lodged a missing report at Akola police station on Tuesday.

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