Maharashtra Political Crisis Updates Sanjay Raut Allegation That Shiv Sena MLA Nitin Deshmukh Is In The Possession Of BJP | Maharashtra Political Crisis: Shiv Sena leader Sanjay Raut claims

Maharashtra Political News: Amidst the turmoil in Maharashtra politics, Shiv...

Maharashtra Political News: Amidst the turmoil in Maharashtra politics, Shiv Sena leader and Rajya Sabha MP Sanjay Raut has claimed that one of the party’s MLAs is in the possession of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP). The Shiv Sena leader tweeted late night alleging that the MLA was abducted from Mumbai. He also claimed that the MLA tried to free himself but was thrashed by Gujarat Police and goons. Sanjay Raut alleged that there are Mumbai goons in Gujarat too. The Rajya Sabha MP tweeted- “MLA Nitin Deshmukh is under BJP control in Surat. He was kidnapped from Mumbai. He tried to free himself on Monday night. Then he was brutally assaulted by Gujarat Police and goons. Mumbai goons There are also there. Violence on Gujarat soil?”

On the other hand, rebel Shiv Sena leader Eknath Shinde, who reached Guwahati in Assam from Surat in Gujarat, claimed that he has 40 MLAs with him. On Wednesday morning, all the MLAs moved from Surat to Guwahati. Before leaving for Guwahati, Eknath Shinde said- Shiv Sena MLAs who are with me have been taught Hindutva by Balasaheb Thackeray and Anand Dighe, we are taking that Hindutva forward. Balasaheb’s Hindutva, whether for power or for politics, is a burning Hindutva. We are taking this role. We are all staunch Shiv Sainiks of Bal Saheb Thackeray. He said that we have not left Shiv Sena, will not leave. Social work and Raj work will be done by taking Balasaheb’s idea forward. Balasaheb gave the idea of ​​Hindutva to the country and it will not be compromised.

Shiv Sena leader claims Shinde urges Thackeray to re-align with BJP
Apart from this, a meeting of state BJP leaders was held at the house of BJP leader and Leader of Opposition in the state assembly Devendra Fadnavis, in which Ashish Shelar, Girish Mahajan etc. were present. On the other hand, a senior Shiv Sena leader has claimed that party’s rebel leader Eknath Shinde on Monday urged Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray to re-align with the Bharatiya Janata Party.

The leader said that Thackeray had sent his confidant Milind Narvekar and Shinde’s aide Ravindra Phatak to Surat to talk to the rebel leader. He said that a call was made to Thackeray from Surat. Significantly, Shinde has been in Surat with some other party MLAs since Monday night.

The leader said, “The Chief Minister also spoke to Shinde over phone during which Shinde asked Thackeray to forge an alliance with the BJP and break the alliance with the Congress and the NCP.” What answered it is not known.

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