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Maharashtra Politics: Eknath Shinde, who took rebellious steps along with...

Maharashtra Politics: Eknath Shinde, who took rebellious steps along with many Shiv Sena MLAs, has created an earthquake in the politics of Maharashtra. Eknath Shinde is a big leader of Shiv Sena in Maharashtra. Let us tell you who is Eknath Shinde after all, what is his old history and why he is considered a strong leader of Shiv Sena?

Eknath Shinde is considered to be a disciple of late and domineering leader of Shiv Sena Anand Dighe from Thane. Recently a film Dharamveer was also released on Anand Dighe. After all, why was Anand Dighe called Dharamveer and what was his stature in Shiv Sena also has its own history.

Who was Dharamveer Anand Dighe?
After Balasaheb Thackeray, Anand Dighe was considered to be the biggest strong and domineering leader in the Shiv Sena party. Anand Dighe was born on 27 January 1951. Dighe was a leader of Shiv Sena with a muscular image, while in Shiv Sena, he was accused of killing a Shiv Sena member Shridhar Khopkar due to which he was angry with Shiv Sena and he voted for Congress in 1989 to express his displeasure. Gave. Anand Dighe was also arrested under TADA, then he came on bail and started doing his work.

In August 2001, Anand Dighe was injured in a car accident and was admitted to the Suniti Devi Singhania Hospital in Thane. He died of a heart attack on 26 August 2001 during his hospitalization. Shiv Sainiks were not ready to accept this, they alleged that the doctors had neglected the treatment of Dighe. Angry Shiv Sainikko burnt the entire hospital.

Why was Anand Dighe called Dharamveer?
Anand Dighe may have had the image of a domineering leader in Thane district, but he was considered to be an equally compassionate and helpful leader. Anand Dighe, who had the image of a grassroots leader, often held a court to listen to the problems of the people, where the problems of the people of Thane were heard and efforts were made to solve them there. Because of this image, he was considered to be the messiah of the poor and weak people.

Dharamveer film was recently made on the life of Anand Dighe
Since Shivsena was considered a party fighting for religion at that time and when Anand Dighe returned from jail on bail in the murder case of a Shiv Sainik, Shiv Sainiks said that whatever Dighe ji did, he did it for the image of Shiv Sena’s religion. His fans had given him the title of Dharamveer and Anand Dighe became famous among the people as Dharamveer. On which a film called Dharamveer was just made, which became a topic of discussion in Maharashtra.

Eknath Shinde emerged as the political heir of Anand Dighe
Eknath Shinde is considered a disciple of Anand Dighe. After the death of Anand Dighe, he emerged as his political heir in Thane and he tried to do his politics in the same way as Anand Dighe used to do. The image of Anand Dighe is also visible in Eknath Shinde because Eknath Shinde also maintains his personality like Anand Dighe. Same beard, same look and same style.

Eknath Shinde is at present a cabinet minister in the Shiv Sena government and he has been given the portfolio of the minister for urban development and dams. From 2015 – 2019, Anand Dighe was the minister of dams. In 2019, he became the Minister of Health. Eknath Shinde is a four-time MLA from Thane.

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