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Eknath Shinde Takes Oath: Shiv Sena's rebel Eknath Shinde has...

Eknath Shinde Takes Oath: Shiv Sena’s rebel Eknath Shinde has got the reward for his rebellion. Now he has become the Chief Minister of Maharashtra, but there is another strong leader in Maharashtra, who must have remembered his 44 years old days after seeing Eknath Shinde as the Chief Minister. That leader is Sharad Pawar, the former Chief Minister of Maharashtra, who became the Chief Minister of Maharashtra for the first time, he was also a rebel of the Congress and the Chief Minister’s chair was the reward of his rebellion.

The date was 18 July 1978. On that day Sharad Pawar took oath in Maharashtra. His political guru was Yashwant Rao Chavan. First Chief Minister of Maharashtra State. It was he who made Sharad Pawar an MLA from Baramati seat of Pune at the age of 27. Even when Indira Gandhi broke the Congress, Sharad Pawar was with Indira Gandhi’s Congress. During the Emergency, when Shankar Rao Chavan was in government in Maharashtra, Sharad Pawar was the Home Minister in that government. After the Emergency, the Congress was defeated in elections everywhere. Maharashtra was also not untouched by it and the result was that the Chief Minister Shankar Rao Chavan was replaced by Vasant Dada Patil.

Meanwhile, the Congress broke up. Under the leadership of Karnataka Chief Minister Devraj Urs, Indira Gandhi’s Congress split into two factions. One was Indira Gandhi’s Congress and the other Devraj Urs’s Congress came under U.K. Shankar Rao Chavan became a part of Congress U. Chief Minister Vasantdada Patil also became a part of Congress U. Sharad Pawar also became a part of Congress U. When the assembly elections were held in 1978, both the parties contested the elections separately. Congress I got 65 seats and Congress U got 69 seats. But Morarji Desai’s Janata Party could not come to power, so Congress came and Congress U joined hands.

Once again Vasantdada Patil became the Chief Minister. Nasikrao Tirupude of Congress (I) became the Deputy Chief Minister. At the behest of Yashwantrao Chavan, Vasant Dada Patil included Sharad Pawar in his cabinet. He was entrusted with the work of the Ministry of Industry and Labor. But Sharad Pawar’s political ambition was different. He was dreaming of becoming the Chief Minister and for this it was necessary that he should be a rebel.

Pawar mentioned in his autobiography
Behind his rebellion was Chandrashekhar, who was then the national president of the Janata Party and whose party had a government at the center, which was led by Moraji Desai. Sharad Pawar writes in his autobiography On My Terms that Aba Saheb Kulkarni spoke to me after talking to Chandrashekhar and said that the leaders of the Janata Party are willing to form the government in Maharashtra, but you have to play a decisive role in this.

After getting Chandrashekhar’s confidence, Sharad Pawar along with Sushil Kumar Shinde, Datta Meghe and Sundar Rao Solanki sent their resignations to the Governor. At that time, Sharad Pawar had a total of 12 MLAs, which Sharad Pawar broke at the behest of the Janata Party. Now Sharad Pawar had become a rebel and he did not even listen to his political guru Yashwant Rao Chavan in this rebellion, whom Indira Gandhi had asked to persuade Sharad Pawar. But Sharad Pawar did not agree.

Became CM at the age of 38
He broke not only 12 MLAs of Congress UK, 38 MLAs of Congress SK too. And then a new party was formed, which was named Parallel Congress. Dadasaheb Rupawate was made the head of this party. Then the Parallel Congress, the Janata Party and the Peasants and Works Party came together to form a front, which was named Progressive Democratic Front. Janata Party President Chandrashekhar himself announced the name of Sharad Pawar for the post of Chief Minister. On 18 July 1978, Sharad Pawar was sworn in as the Chief Minister of Maharashtra at the age of 38, along with three ministers Uttam Rao Patil, Nihal Ahmed and Sundarrao Solanki.

The circumstances in which Sharad Pawar broke the Congress, the way he broke the Congress and the support he got from the Janata Party President Chandrashekhar, now the same incident has been repeated by Eknath Shinde in Maharashtra. He broke the Shiv Sena, broke into the Maha Vikas Aghadi government and became the Chief Minister of Maharashtra just like Sharad Pawar, with the support he got from the BJP. But the way Sharad Pawar was able to remain the Chief Minister for less than two years and the state was handed over to the President’s rule. The same incident will be repeated with Shinde or else Shinde will be able to complete his term. This is still in the future.

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