Maharashtra Resort Politics Start From Karnataka And Now Spread In Other State

Maharashtra Political Crisis: Chartered Plane, Luxury Buses and expensive-expensive resorts,...

Maharashtra Political Crisis: Chartered Plane, Luxury Buses and expensive-expensive resorts, then you must have seen this sight of the media gathering on TV. These days, in the riots happening in the politics of Maharashtra, the rebel MLAs of Shivsena are beating the MVA one after the other. The three-party MVA government has been brought to its knees and is on the verge of collapse. People’s interest in this politics has also increased. But one name that has come to Uber among all is Resort Poltics.

In the politics of Maharashtra, at this time the name of Shiv Sena is getting in the country and abroad. That is because Eknath Shinde is staying with 49 MLAs these days in a five star hotel in Guwahati, Assam. Of these, 38 rebel MLAs of Shiv Sena, 9 independents and 2 MLAs are from Prahar Janshakti Party. Earlier these MLAs were in Surat, Gujarat, which is considered to be the strongest fort of BJP. After that all the MLAs were shifted to Guwahati in Assam by private jet.

It is said that resort policies include accommodation of MLAs in expensive hotels, traveling in chartered planes and expensive buses. Such occasions rarely come to the MLAs when they are worshiped so much. This is more visible in Rajya Sabha elections. But we are talking here about forming the state government except for the Rajya Sabha elections, in which we will tell where and where governments were formed and brought down under resort politics.

It is believed that there is nothing good or bad in politics. Whatever it is, it should be a win. Then all kinds of tactics are adopted for that, price, punishment, distinction. Nowadays this is being seen in the politics of Maharashtra. Right now resort politics is in a lot of discussion here. But from where it started, first they know, then let’s talk further.

Start of resort politics

Originally resort politics started from Andhra Pradesh when the government of actor turned politician NT Rama Rao was formed and won the elections held in 1983. The then PM Indira Gandhi had removed the TDP government using the governor and made defector Nandedala Bhaskar Rao as the CM. At that time NT Rama Rao was undergoing treatment in America. When he came back, he was shocked to see the whole incident and as soon as he was sitting in a wheelchair, he reached Rashtrapati Bhavan and gathered 181 MLAs and got them paraded. After this NTR’s team went to Nandi Hills in Karnataka to save them from Bhaskar’s group. But now resort politics has changed.

Karnataka assembly elections in the year 2004

Resort Politics The new story was written in the 2004 Karnataka assembly elections. This year a hung mandate came and BJP emerged as the single largest party by winning 90 seats. But the figure was less than the majority. So while Congress got 65 seats and HD Deve Gowda’s party JDS got 58 seats. Here Deve Gowda played a game and made his MLAs stay in the resort. Here he bargained fiercely with Congress President Sonia Gandhi and achieved success by negotiating the Chief Minister of his choice and the Ministry of Cream in the cabinet. This conversation lasted for about a month.

Manipulation and power pleasure in the year 2008

In 2008, mining businessman Janardhan Reddy was entrusted with the task of getting the majority by the BJP. He performed this responsibility very well and also gathered 15 MLAs. All these MLAs had parted ways from Congress and JDS. After this, all these MLAs were accommodated in the best resorts and hotels with best facilities. After this Yediyurappa not only got him to resign but later also made him a minister, due to which the leaders of the party were also very angry.

Apart from Maharashtra, resort politics has been done in these states

The resort politics going on in Maharashtra is not new. In Haryana, Devi Lal’s Indian National Lok Dal (INLD) and the then BJP had deposited 48 MLAs in a big hotel in Delhi to form a coalition government. So we have already told you about the resort politics that happened in Karnataka. Apart from this, the same was seen in Madhya Pradesh when BJP toppled the Congress government. So in Rajasthan, a similar situation had come to the fore during the Corona period. Then Congress leader Sachin Pilot reached Haryana with the rebel MLAs, just as Eknath Shinde is camping in Guwahati in today’s time. So there Ashok Gehlot had kept the MLAs of his camp in a separate resort. After that resort politics or MLAs were mobilized in hotels to topple the governments in all the states like Andhra Pradesh, Gujarat, Bihar etc.

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