MalalaTargets Taliban: Nobel laureate Malala Yousafzai has said that the Taliban want to cut out girls and women from public life in Afghanistan. Malala’s remarks came at a time when the Taliban made it mandatory for Afghan women to wear a head-to-toe burqa in public places. Malala appealed to the world to raise its voice for Afghan women and girls.

Yousafzai tweeted that the Taliban wanted to stop girls from going to school and women from jobs, deny them the ability to travel without a male member of the family, and make them completely cover their faces and bodies. Wants to force to cover.

Malala said, “We must not lose our sense of concern for Afghan women as the Taliban continue to break their promises. Even now, women are taking to the streets to fight for their human rights and dignity – all of us, and Citizens of Muslim countries, in particular, should stand with them.”

Appeal to world leaders
Yousafzai called on leaders around the world to take collective action to hold the Taliban accountable for the human rights violations of millions of women and girls. It is worth noting that Pakistani Malala was shot in the head by Taliban terrorists in Swat area for raising her voice for the education of girls. Seriously injured Malala was first treated in Pakistan, then she was taken to Britain for better treatment.

Taliban imposed many restrictions on women
Let us tell you that after taking control of Afghanistan last year, the Taliban had claimed that this time its rule (from 1996 to 2001) would be softer than the previous term. But the Taliban does not seem to keep its promise, rather it has imposed many restrictions on women. They have been banned from many government jobs, secondary education, and from traveling alone in their cities or outside Afghanistan.

In the 20 years between the two Taliban regimes, girls were allowed to attend school and women were able to seek employment in all sectors, although the country remained socially conservative.

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