Mau District Hospital Is Facing Shortage Of Doctors And Electricity Ann

Mau District Hospital: The poor condition of the health system...

Mau District Hospital: The poor condition of the health system is being seen in the district hospital in Mau. Here the machines of Ultrasound and CT Scan Machine are closed. The hospital is also grappling with shortage of ambulances and doctors. Most of the doctors who are posted here are missing leaving their OPD. Earlier 30 doctors were posted in the district hospital but now it is running on the basis of only seven doctors.

Locks are hanging on the doctor’s chamber

It is being told that most of the seven doctors of the district hospital are missing from the OPD. His chamber is locked outside. Here the CT scan machine is closed for a week. The machine is switched off due to burning of the transformer and the staff is forced to work in the dark. At the same time, patients and their families who have come from far and wide are very upset. Waiting for hours sitting near the doctor’s chamber. Patients have complained about this to the Chief Medical Officer. It was told that some doctors did not come to the hospital and the rest were on rounds. Complaints have been given to the government about the shutdown of essential machines.

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This demand has been made by writing a letter to the government

there, Medical officer Nahida Khatoon Siddiqui said that 30 doctors were posted in the district hospital of Mau district, in which 23 doctors either retired or were transferred. At present, seven doctors are working in the hospital. Its complaint has been sent to the government. There is a demand for posting more doctors by writing a letter. He said that whatever shortcomings are there in the district hospital of Mau district, they are being filled.

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