MCD Anti-Encroachment Drive: The North Delhi Municipal Corporation has started the survey in the area under its control. In the event of encroachment being found during this period, the process of removing it has also started. Under this action, roadside slums in Rohini were removed. In Madanpur Khadar also, the process of removing encroachment will start in a while. At present, the people present there are opposing the encroachment.

At the same time, all the encroachments that were illegal on the 2 km long road of KN Katju in Rohini area of ​​Delhi are being removed. With the help of bulldozers, work is being done to remove the slums on the side of the road. Initially, the employees of MCD were breaking these slums with their hands and filling their goods in the truck. After the bulldozers arrived in Bod, the rest of the encroachment was removed.

people on the street

Apart from this, bulldozer action has also been taken in Madanpur Khadar area. Some people are seen opposing this action in this encroachment area. At present, the local people there had closed the road creating a ruckus. Stones and iron rods were placed on the road to stop the bulldozers. The people of Madanpur say that it is absolutely wrong to break their house and belongings in this way. After which all the people came on the road and started creating ruckus.

Meanwhile, AAP leader Amanatullah Khan reached the spot and lashed out at the BJP. He said that ‘On the behest of BJP in Kanchan Kunj, the MCD is running a bulldozer on the houses of the poor, after reaching the spot, I have just stopped the action and talks are going on with the officials. My promise is that I will not let any poor person become homeless.

MCD will investigate on many issues

MCD has intensified the drive to remove encroachment in the capital. Action is being taken on encroachment, but how did the encroachment happen, whose negligence is there, who is responsible and who will take action against them. Who is responsible for this encroachment, action will be taken against him. The MCD, which has taken action to remove the encroachment, is now talking about conducting this investigation.

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