MCD Elections in Delhi: What is the agenda of Pasmanda Muslims who got ticket from BJP?

The nomination process for the Delhi Municipal Corporation elections in...

The nomination process for the Delhi Municipal Corporation elections in the capital has been completed. By November 14, candidates of all political parties filed their nominations to contest the elections. BJP, Congress and Aam Aadmi Party announced the names of their candidates for all 250 wards of the corporation.

But in the meantime, the list issued by the BJP for the corporation elections remains in the discussion because out of 250 seats for the corporation elections, the party has fielded people from the Muslim community on 4 seats and these four candidates are Pasmanda Muslims and  Of these, there are also 3 women candidates.

BJP has fielded Shabnam Malik from Ward No. 243 of Mustafabad, Irfan Malik from Ward No. 76 of Chandni Mahal, Shamina Raza from Ward No. 81 of Quraish Nagar West and Saba Ghazi from Ward No. 227 of Chauhan Bangar.

Tell that BJP has been engaged in strengthening its hold among Pasmanda Muslims for a long time. Many senior leaders associated with BJP have been trying to contact the people of this community for a long time.

Earlier this year, in the BJP’s national executive meeting in Hyderabad, Prime Minister Narendra Modi also mentioned Pasmanda Muslims, in which he talked about the development and progress of this weaker section of the Muslim community.

BJP is also holding conferences regarding Pasmanda Muslims in many districts of UP. Through these conferences, BJP leaders are continuously trying to give the message that they are the true well-wishers of Pasmanda Muslims.

BJP’s experiment in Delhi?
BJP wants to try this strategy regarding Pasmandas in Delhi Municipal Corporation elections. For which tickets have been distributed to 4 Pasmanda Muslims on 250 wards of the corporation. Regarding this, Atif Rasheed, former vice-chairman of National Minority Commission and in-charge of Delhi State Minority Morcha, told ABP that the party has fielded 4 Muslim candidates in the municipal elections. He also comes from Pasmanda society, BJP’s step is welcome.

He says that this will increase the self-confidence of the Muslims of this society on the one hand, and on the other hand, a sense of dedication towards the country will also come.  Also the Prime Minister Narendra Modi will further strengthen the steps being taken towards the Pasmanda Muslim community and the community which till now was being used only as vote bank. Now he will play the role of leadership in the BJP government.

Along with this, BJP candidate from Chauhan Bangar of North East Delhi, Saba Ghazi while talking to ABP said that she is contesting elections for the first time, before joining BJP, she used to do many things for the people of the society. Huh. He says that the people of Pasmanda society do not know about their rights. These people are backward.  Somewhere the upper caste Muslims are responsible for this discrimination. Saba says that the number of Pasmanda Muslim community in her ward is more than 3 thousand and most of the people are not aware of their rights. There is a serious problem of cleanliness in the area. 

BJP candidate Shabnam Malik from Delhi’s Mustafabad who is contesting for the first time. Shabnam, who studied till 12th standard, says that her ward has up to 90 per cent Pasmanda Muslim population. But all the leaders or councilors who have been here till date have not done any work for them. They have only used them as a vote bank. But BJP has assured us that it will work for the development of our society.

Describing the main problems of her area, Shabnam says that there are no basic facilities like community hall, park, dispensary, mohalla clinic. Due to which people are facing a lot of trouble, if she comes after winning, she will work on this and will work for the construction of community hall and dispensary for Pasmanda Muslims.

Opposition is also raising questions on BJP claiming for the interests of Pasmanda Muslims & fielding only 4 Muslim candidates in the municipal elections, about which Yasir Jilani, national media in-charge of BJP Minority Morcha, says that the backward sections of the society BJP is continuously working on class. Be it Jan Dhan Yojana or through schemes like Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana and Ujjwala Yojana, work has been done to benefit this backward section of the society. BJP is doing the work of taking forward the backward sections of the Muslim society.

He told that the number of backward classes is more in the Muslim society, for whose development the BJP has worked. He said that those who used to say that BJP does not give tickets to Muslim people, it is a slap on the face of those people, they themselves should talk about the work they are doing for Muslims, do not do politics of appeasement.

Who are Pasmanda Muslims?
The word Pasmanda is derived from the Persian language which means backward in Hindi. In Muslims, this word is used for those castes who are socially backward or deprived of many of their rights. And there are three classes in Muslim society. Which include Ashraf, Ajlaf and Arjal.

These classes are divided according to the social and economic status of the Muslims. Ashraf Muslims are considered to be a kind of upper caste. Those who belong to the descendants of Muslim kings. It is said that they include those There are those who were in the upper castes of Hindus but later  became Muslims. This class has always had high economic and social status in the Muslim society. This class includes Syed, Sheikh, Siddiqui, Mughal and Pathan castes.< /p>

BJP is strengthening its hold on Pasmanda Muslims BJP has been working for the last several months to attract this section of the Muslim society towards itself. Recently, instructions were given to the workers to connect with the people of this society. In Uttar Pradesh too, BJP organized several conferences among Pasmanda Muslims. There is a large number of Pasmanda Muslims in UP’s Rampur and BJP believes that the Pasmanda community got good support in the Lok Sabha by-election held in Rampur. If senior BJP leaders are to be believed, the people of the Muslim Banjara community voted for the BJP unilaterally, due to which the BJP won Azam Khan’s bastion.

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