Military Exercise, Economic Ban… China’s Fury Over Nancy Pelosi’s Visit To Taiwan Is Another War!

China vs Taiwan: China has swung into action after US...

China vs Taiwan: China has swung into action after US Senate Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan ended. Various economic sanctions (Economic connections) were installed. Military exercise continues. Meanwhile, the question is arising that what is China going to do now?

Since the visit of Nancy Pelesi to Taiwan, China’s shudder has increased so much that the deadly weapons of the dragon have started roaring on the Taiwan border. This is the first time that Taiwan has openly challenged China by collaborating with America, bypassing the threats. This is the first time that the foundation of Xi Jinping’s One China Policy has been shaken. This is the first time that two superpowers have come face to face openly regarding Taiwan.

To end the Taiwan tour, Nancy tweeted, “The visit of Congress MPs under my leadership was to ensure that America stands with the people of Taiwan.

China teased by the tour that came into action

Nancy flew to her next stop, assuring Taiwan of security. Here, China teased by the tour has come into action. 21 Chinese fighter planes have entered Taiwan airspace. After Nancy’s visit, China has started the biggest exercise ever near the Taiwan border. A video of this maneuver has also been released by China. Is this video a message of danger to come?

On the other hand, China has not only challenged America by showing power in its areas connected with Taiwan, but has also indicated to Taiwan to face the consequences in the coming times. Behind all this is Nancy’s love for Taiwan. Taiwan has also admitted that China is conducting military exercises to put psychological pressure on us.

G-7 questions China

The G-7 has raised questions about China’s maneuvers. G-7 gave its response saying, “There is no justification for China’s aggressive maneuvers.” However, it is clear from China’s action that it is not going to stop here. In such a situation, the question is being raised again and again whether this is a sign of war. Will Taiwan be crushed between the two superpowers?

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