Miscreant Attack On Divyang Students In Jaipur Due To Stop Doing Jeep Stunt Ann

Jeep Stunt, Divyang Students, Jaipur Ruckus, Jeep Stunt Case, Jaipur...

Jeep Stunt, Divyang Students, Jaipur Ruckus, Jeep Stunt Case, Jaipur Jeep Stunt Jeep Stunt, Divyang Students, Jaipur Ruckus, Jeep Stunt Case, Jaipur Jeep Stunt

Attack On Divyang Students: In Jaipur, the spirits of miscreants are increasing day by day and there is no fear of law among the miscreants. In the Mansarovar Police Station area of ​​the capital, an incident happened late on Monday night, which has put humanity to shame. In fact, in Shanti Nagar-B of Mansarovar police station area, some youths in a Thar jeep were doing stunts, which were stopped by another car-riding youth passing by. On which first the youths riding the jeep tried to mount their jeep on the youths who stopped them.

When the youths entered a hostel located nearby while saving their lives, the miscreants also entered the hostel with sticks and stones in their hands. Where the miscreants first vandalized the vehicles parked outside the hostel and then entered inside and attacked the deaf students with a deadly attack. During this, the youths who stopped the miscreants fled from the hospital and the miscreants created panic in the hostel. All the misdeeds of the miscreants have been captured in the CCTV cameras installed outside and inside the hostel and on the basis of the footage, the police has started searching for the miscreants.

Glasses were first broken by stoning, then vehicles damaged by hitting
On Tuesday, Shri Bhavani PG Director Sher Singh has lodged an FIR in Mansarovar police station regarding the incident. Investigating officer Kaluram, who is probing the case, said that on Monday night, four youths riding a Thar jeep were doing stunts on the road outside the hostel. When some youths riding Eco sports car stopped them from doing so, the miscreants riding Thar jeep tried to mount the car on the youths. On which the youth ran away and hid in Sribhavani Hostel. On which 4 youths traveling in Thar jeep, trembling with sticks and stones in their hands, reached outside the hostel and broke the windows of two vehicles parked in the parking lot. After this, the miscreants broke many things by hitting them inside the hostel and started attacking 5 deaf students sleeping in the room outside the hostel with sticks. The deaf students made gestures and tried to convince the miscreants that they could not speak or hear, but even after this, the miscreants continued to attack the students.

Disabled student injured in attack by miscreants

Two Divyang students Derawar Singh and Surendra Chaudhary were seriously injured in the lethal attack by miscreants, who have been admitted to SMS Hospital for treatment. The miscreants did not stop even after making a deadly attack on the deaf students and then they came outside the hostel and damaged them by ramming their jeep on two vehicles parked in the parking lot. After doing a spectacle for about half an hour, the miscreants fled from the spot in a jeep. The police was informed about the incident, but by the time the police reached the spot after giving information, the miscreants had fled from there. Now the police is trying to identify the miscreants on the basis of the registration number of the jeep by scanning the footage of other CCTV cameras installed around the crime scene.

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