Moscow Sent 34 French Diplomats Home, Russia Was Angry With This Move Of France

Russia Expels French Diplomats: Russia's foreign ministry said on Wednesday...

Russia Expels French Diplomats: Russia’s foreign ministry said on Wednesday it was expelling 34 French diplomats in retaliation. Earlier in April, France had fired 35 Russians with diplomatic status. France took the move as part of a wider wave of expulsion in which more than 300 Russians were sent home from European capitals. In April, the French Foreign Ministry declared six Russian agents as diplomats “persona non greta” after an investigation by domestic intelligence and concluded that they were acting against French national interests.

France has strongly condemned this decision of Russia. The foreign ministry in Paris said the move had “no legitimate basis”. The ministry said in a statement that “the work of diplomats and staff at the embassy in Russia (of France) is carried out entirely within the framework of the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic and Consular Relations.”

Two Finnish diplomats fired
Earlier on Tuesday (May 17), Russia decided to expel two Finnish diplomats. The Russian Foreign Ministry on Tuesday described the expulsion of two Finnish diplomats as a reaction to the expulsion of two Russians in Finland last month.

Russia said it was withdrawing from the Council of Baltic Coastal Countries. Finland and Sweden are the major members of this group of eleven countries. Let us tell you that Sweden has signed the request to join the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) and the Parliament of Finland has also approved.

40 German diplomats expelled
Russia has already expelled diplomats of many countries from the country. Last month, Russia decided to expel 40 German diplomats. Earlier, Germany had expelled a similar number of Russian diplomats.

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