Most Expensive Mercedes Benz 300 Slr Car In The World As Car Sold In 142 Million Dollar

Most Expensive Car: If we talk about luxury cars, then...

Most Expensive Car: If we talk about luxury cars, then the name of Mercedes Benz comes first on the tongue. German car company Mercedes-Benz has made a new record in its name. There are reports that the 1955 model sports car Mercedes Benz 300 SLR Silver Arrow has been auctioned in a private auction for Rs 1105 crore. However, it has not been officially announced by the company yet.

If this has happened, then it has broken the record of the 1962 model Ferrari 250 GTO. Mercedes-Benz has broken the record for the most expensive car sold in the market. According to a UK-based website Haggerty, a German car maker has sold a Mercedes-Benz 300 SLR car for a very high price.

Mercedes-Benz made only two models in the 1950s

According to the reports that have been received, Mercedes-Benz 300 SLR has become the most expensive car to be auctioned in the world. Mercedes built it in the 1950s and produced only models of this car. Since then, the company Mercedes Benz itself was taking care of them. It is believed that the company had kept the auction a secret and only 10 people were called who were associated with the automobile field. The company did this because the company did not want any third party to buy this car. It is being said that Mercedes Bench has been bought by an American businessman David McNeill.

10 automobile collectors bid

According to Haggerty, what is believed to have been a secret auction from Mercedes-Benz. The auction company offered only 10 automobile collectors carefully selected that were not only rich enough to bid but also met the German carmaker’s rigorous qualifications. The firm wanted to ensure that whoever cared for the Silver Arrow Racing car was given the same care and attention as Mercedes, and that they would continue to share the car at events rather than sell it to a third party.

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