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Motihari: After falling in love in Bihar's East Champaran, a...

Motihari: After falling in love in Bihar’s East Champaran, a case of sexual exploitation of a girl has come to light in the name of marriage. The young man and the woman had planned to get married but now the boy is absconding. His number is also switched off. In this case, the victim girl has pleaded for justice by giving an application at Pakdidayal police station on Friday. Both the girl and the youth are residents of the same village. The police has started investigation in the matter as soon as the application is received.

In this whole case, the victim girl says that the family members of the young man had fixed the marriage of the young man somewhere else. When the girl asked the boy, the young man told her to run away from home and get married. Both ran away from home on 19 November. In this sequence, the family members caught both of them. assaulted the girl. The girl was left behind while the family members took the boy with them. Now the girl says that she is not getting in touch with her lover.

how did the two meet,

The young man and the young woman met for the first time at the fair. Here both of them fell in love with each other. The girl (about 21 years) and Manish (about 23 years) had gone to see the Nag Panchami fair near the village where both of them met. Here both took each other’s mobile number. Everything has been going well for five months. Now after getting cheated, the girl has given an application in the police station.

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Youth and family absconded leaving home

Pakdidayal Police Station President Sarfaraz Ahmed told that the girl has given the application. A young man has been accused of sexual exploitation on the pretext of marriage. Investigation is being done on the basis of the application given by the girl. The accused youth and family members are absconding leaving the house. The family members are being searched.

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