Mozambique Confirms First Wild Poliovirus Case 30 Years What Is It How Is It Transmitter

Wild Poliovirus: Mozambique this week identified its first case of...

Wild Poliovirus: Mozambique this week identified its first case of wild poliovirus type 1. In fact, when a child came in contact with this disease, this case was the first case of polio virus since 1992, while this is the second case of wild polio virus in South Africa. Let us tell you that earlier this year in South Africa, there was information about the outbreak of a disease named Malawi. Dr Matshidiso Moeti, Regional Director of the World Health Organization for Africa, said, “Given the recent outbreak in Malawi, it is very worrying to learn of another case of wild poliovirus in Africa. It shows how dangerous this virus is and how quickly it can spread. Although this is not surprising.

According to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), “polio is a crippling and potentially fatal disease that affects the nervous system… when an infected person does not wash their hands thoroughly after defecation.” Only then does it get infected in others. Its virus is transmitted by eating leftovers, drinking leftover water of an infected person and eating contaminated food. Despite this, most people infected with polio are not aware of its infection. A person infected with its virus feels mild fever, fatigue, nausea, headache, sore throat, cough, stiffness in the neck and back, and pain in the arms.

polio infection causes muscle paralysis
In very special cases of polio infection, there is a permanent loss of muscle function, ie the muscles are paralyzed which never recovers again. If polio gets into the patient’s brain or breathing organs, then it can be fatal. First it reproduces by reaching the intestine, then it attacks the nervous system and can make you crippled for life. There is no cure for its pain, that is why polio is such a dangerous disease. However, polio infection can be prevented with a simple vaccine.

Africa became wild polio virus free in 2020
The World Health Organization (WHO) declared Africa a country free of wild polio virus in 2020. According to a report in The Guardian, polio eradication has been one of the global health success stories and the wild polio virus is now left only in Afghanistan and Pakistan. The case that has come up in Mozambique has come to the north-eastern Tete province. The child of this province who was infected with wild polio started experiencing symptoms of paralysis from the end of March.

Know what is the treatment of wild polio
Infection with the wild polio virus can cause lifelong paralysis in any part of the child. Children can be crippled for life due to the attack of this virus. Sometimes a wild polio virus attack can even kill the patient when it attacks your respiratory system, although with the help of vaccination, this disease can be eradicated from the root. Polio vaccination campaign has played a big role in eradicating this disease from the world.

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