MP: Hindu-Muslim Prisoners Making Idols Of Lord Ganesha In Indore’s Central Jail Ann

Indore Central Jail News: The preparations for Ganesh Chaturthi are...

Indore Central Jail News: The preparations for Ganesh Chaturthi are in full swing across the country at this time. Sculptors are engaged in making idols of Ganesh ji day and night. In this episode, Indore’s Central Jail (Indore Central JailThe prisoners are also shaping the idols of Lord Ganesha with their own hands. The specialty of the idols being made by Prison Imates is that these idols are completely eco-friendly and they are being decorated with five types of clay and natural colors.

Prisoners of the jail are showing their art

The Central Jail of Indore remains the center of idol making at this time. Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s dream of Skill India is being fulfilled by seeing the art of these prisoners and the hard work being done by them. In fact, the inmates of the jail are busy making Ganesh idols at this time. Many forms of Lord Ganesha are being seen in the idols being made by the prisoners. Among the many idols, the idol of DJ Ganesh being made by the prisoners is made on sight. It is also worth noting here that Muslim prisoners are also contributing in making Ganesh idols.

Prisoners who have been petting for the last several years

The prisoners lodged in the Central Jail in different crimes are not only learning the skills in the jail but are also ready to come out and show the art of their skills and join the mainstream of the society. Prisoner artist Sonu Sachin, who made Ganesh idols, told that he has been in jail for the last 11 years in the 302 murder case. He said that I regret the sin I have committed. Sonu said that the big officers of the jail encouraged us and today all of us prisoners brothers are full of many arts. Sonu told that he has been painting us for the last several years. Apart from this, for the last 4 years, we are preparing eco-friendly idols of God. We feel that when God is present in the house of the people, then we will also get its reward.

Prisoners gave credit to the jail superintendent

On the other hand, the other prisoner, who is serving a sentence for the last 16 years for the murder of Shadiq Lala, said that he is definitely a Muslim by religion but he respects every religion. Sadiq said that he has been making the idol of Lord Ganesha for many years. He said that we celebrate Ganesh Chaturthi with great fanfare with the prisoners brothers in the jail. The prisoners said that the credit for inculcating the talent in us goes to the jail superintendent, who constantly encouraged the prisoner brothers and inspired us to make idols.

Hindu-Muslim prisoners making idols together
At the same time, Alka Sonkar, the superintendent of the Center Jail, said that Lord Ganesha brings such a day in everyone’s life that every evil doer has repentance one day or the other and that is the reason why the prisoner brothers in the jail like this every year. Every year also eco-friendly idols of Lord Ganesha are being made. He said that about 11 prisoner brothers, who are serving their sentence in jail, have made idols of many forms of Lord Ganesha with their art and skills. Sonkar said that these idols will be given to all the staff, as well as these idols will also be available to the general public for sale at our outlets. Alka Sonkar told that 3 to 4 Muslim prisoners of the jail are also contributing in making the idol.

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