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Khandwa: District in-charge minister Usha Thakur has given a big...

Khandwa: District in-charge minister Usha Thakur has given a big statement in the Gyanvapi Masjid case located in Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh. He said the evidence was hidden from hundreds of years of slavery. He said that the truth has come out only because of having a strong constitution. He said that we used to go to Kashi Vishwanath for darshan, then we used to see in which direction such a big Nandi Maharaj is sitting facing. Everyone understands that Nandi Baba is sitting facing the same side on which Shiva ji sits.

strong constitution of the country

Madhya Pradesh’s Spiritual and Cultural Department Minister Usha Thakur said on the Dhar Bhojshala controversy that the matter is still going on in the court, but it will also be resolved soon. Usha Thakur had come to Khandwa to attend the district planning meeting. Usha Thakur answered the questions of journalists regarding the report of the ongoing survey in Gyanvapi Masjid. He said that how many facts and evidences were hidden and buried in the slavery of hundreds of years, this is an example of that. He said that the constitution of the country is strong and the constitution is the soul of the country. He said that whatever is within the constitutional framework, the same will happen in this country.

Lies were also told on Ram Mandir

He said that we have seen that the court immediately ordered to preserve that place. Whenever we used to go for the darshan of Kashi Vishwanath, then we used to see on which side such a big Nandi Maharaj is sitting facing. He said that everyone could understand that Nandi Baba sits facing the side on which Lord Shiva sits. He said that archaeologists, evidence and survey team have proved that there is a Shivling.

When asked by journalists on the claim of the Muslim side that what is being told as Shivling is the place to perform Wudu, Usha Thakur said that it was and is Shivling. He said that these people kept telling lies on Ram temple. In this case also they are lying. He said that Congress had also lied at the time of Ram temple by giving an affidavit.

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