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Madhya Pradesh News: In Kalyug, parents often suffer the punishment...

Madhya Pradesh News: In Kalyug, parents often suffer the punishment for the wrongdoings done by their children, but 152 children in MP are spending their childhood in prison for the crime committed by their mother. The main reason for this is that there is a rule to keep children up to the age of five with the criminal mother. However, the jail department and the government are calling it compulsion.

Along with the women who are serving sentences for various types of crimes lodged in the jails of Madhya Pradesh, children are also forced to spend their childhood living in the same environment. Although, there are more than one children in many jails of the state, but in the jails where there is only one child, the children feel lonely.

with mother for five years
Actually, there are 132 jails in Madhya Pradesh and in most of these jails the children are with their mothers. According to the rules of the government, there is a provision for children up to five years of age to stay with their mother in jail. The period can be extended for one more year (up to the age of six) only if it is very necessary. After this the child is sent to the child welfare home. Where all the expenses of the children are borne by the government level.

Maximum number of children in Bhopal Jail
The total number of jails in Madhya Pradesh is 132. In many of these jails, there are children along with the mother who is serving sentence. If we talk about Central Jail, the maximum number of children are 19 in Bhopal Jail. There are 11 children in Indore Jail, 10 in Gwalior, 02 in Jabalpur, Rewa 08, Satna 04, Ujjain 08, Sagar 06, Narsinghpur 06, Badhwani 02, Hoshangabad Block A 05. While Alirajpur 01, Khandwa 06, Chhatarpur 02, Chhindwara 05, Jhabua 00, Tikamgarh 02, Datia 01, Damoh 02, Betul 00, Rajgarh 03, Shahdol 03, Ratlam 02, Shajapur 00 children are present in the district jail.

Along with this, 09 in Dhar, Seoni 00, Sidhi 01, Mandsaur 03, Morena 00, Balaghat 00, Guna 00, Shivpuri 03, Sehore 01, Dewas 02, Bhind 00, Panna 00, Vidisha 01, Khargone 03, Raisen 02, Mandla 01, Katni 01, Neemuch 01, Ashoknagar 08, Shyapurkala 00, Baidhan 04, Umaria 00, Harda 00, Dindori 00, Agar 00, Anuppur 03, Sub Jail Hata 01. In this way 152 children along with their mothers are in jails of the state. are present.

captives over capacity
Significantly, the total number of jails in Madhya Pradesh is 132. The accommodation capacity in these jails is 29 thousand 675 and the total number of prisoners is 47 thousand 580. There are more than 17 thousand 905 prisoners in all the jails. Due to the excess of prisoners, there is an atmosphere of chaos in the jails.

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Dinesh Narwage Jail Superintendent Center Jail Sagar says that along with giving basic education to children, emphasis is laid on making them better human beings. Children living inside the jail have done a lot of good. Till the age of five, children are kept in jail with their mother. After this, the child is sent to the office, while his education and other expenses are also taken care of by the government.

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