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Bhopal News: A year ago, the government of CM Shivraj...

Bhopal News: A year ago, the government of CM Shivraj (Shivraj Singh Chouhan) had renamed the Habib Ganj station located in the capital Bhopal to help the tribal voters of Madhya Pradesh. Its name was changed from Habibganj to ‘Adivasi Gond Rani Kamlapati’ (Rani Kamlapati). This station has been completely renovated, which is worth seeing. Prime Minister Narendra (PM Narendra Modi) had come exactly a year ago on 15 November 2022 to inaugurate Rani Kamlapati station. Now the irony is that Bhopal station was beautified in the name of Rani Kamalapati, but the place where Rani Kamalapati’s palace was, is still lying in ruins and is imprisoned.

This is the Ginnorgarh Fort in the Rehti area of ​​Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan’s assembly. This is the center of faith of the tribals. In this fort related to their faith, the people of tribal society used to come here on every new moon and full moon, but the government locked the fort and stopped the tribals from coming here. This has hurt the faith of the tribals.

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It was built by Gond king Uday Vardhan in the 13th century.
History tells that the fort of Ginnaurgarh was built by Gond king Uday Vardhan in the 13th century. The Gond kingdom is believed to be in the area from Ginnaurgarh in Sehore district to present-day Bhopal and Hoshangabad. Queen Kamlapati has been the last successor of this princely state. It is said that a tunnel has also been built from the Ginnaurgarh fort to the Shiva temple in Bhojpur, through which Queen Kamalapati used to go to perform the anointing of Lord Shiva every Monday.

The grandeur of Ginnaurgarh
The fort of Ginnaurgarh has grand buildings named Sundar Bawdi, Itradan and Badal Mahal. Historians tell that there is a cave under this fort and in this cave there is a reservoir of cold water. If we divide the fort of Ginnaurgarh into three parts, then the first part is up to three miles away, which is known as siege. The second part is two miles away, where there was a populated area centuries ago and the third part is the fort of Ginnaurgarh itself. There is a grand palace built near the main gate of this fort, which is known as Rani Mahal.

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Congress accused the BJP government
Congress spokesperson Abbas Hafeez accused the BJP and said that the problem with the Bharatiya Janata Party is that it does not want to do any work. The names of the ready-made things have to be changed. The same work was done by the station. Had he really worked for the tribals, perhaps the Ginnaurgarh fort would have been renovated by now. Tourists used to come to see the fort, but it is kept closed and no one is allowed to enter. When Congress workers went to see, they were not even allowed inside, because the truth would have come out.

The Congress leader said that the Shivraj government of 20 years could not get the Ginnaurgarh fort repaired within 20 years and talks big things to help the tribals. The tribal class is understanding their words. Adivasi knows that BJP’s announcements are show off, which are never going to be fulfilled. Abbas Hafeez said that the only thing BJP can do is to change the names of places. It is better to do some work, which the world will remember. They say that when the Congress government will come, they will immediately get the fort renovated and will also open it for the public.

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