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Indore News: The BJP MP in Madhya Pradesh's Indore has...

Indore News: The BJP MP in Madhya Pradesh’s Indore has supported the beer being made by the Nepalese community. Along with this, an application has also been given to include Nepali beer in the excise policy. Congress has now targeted the BJP regarding this. Actually, assembly elections are going to be held in Madhya Pradesh next year, seeing which no political party is leaving the opportunity to attack the opposition. This is the reason why the Congress has verbally attacked the BJP MP. According to the information, the MP had written a letter to CM Shivraj, in which a request was made to include Nepali beer in the new excise policy of Madhya Pradesh.

BJP MP says that some people had given him a memorandum in this regard, forwarding which he has written this letter. But, Congress has targeted the BJP by making this letter an issue. Secretary of Madhya Pradesh Congress Committee Neelabh Shukla says that on one hand Uma Bharti is running an awareness campaign regarding liquor ban in the state. At the same time, CM Shivraj is also giving a statement regarding drug addiction in the state under Jan Jagran Abhiyan. On the other hand, BJP MP Shankar Lalwani has written a letter to the state government to allow Nepali beer.

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BJP is running liquor free campaign, MP is promoting beer
The Congress leader says that this is the love of alcohol and double character of the BJP. BJP’s public awareness campaign regarding liquor ban and drug addiction is just a show off, which is coming in front of the people of the state. When senior leaders and heads of the state government themselves are calling for drug addiction. In such a situation, the Congress leader alleges that MP Shankar Lalwani is writing a letter to promote Nepali beer and allow it to be sold in the state, defying the said campaign.

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Here, BJP MP Shankar Lalwani says that a group of people from Nepali society had come to submit the memorandum. When this matter was discussed with MP Shankar Lalwani, he said that daily many people come to give memorandum regarding different demands. Those who come to give memorandum, they forward their memorandum to the government. Some people had given a memorandum regarding this also, they have sent it to the government. Normally, if anyone gives a memorandum to the CM, it is forwarded by us.

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