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Madhya Pradesh News: Urban body three-tier panchayat elections are becoming...

Madhya Pradesh News: Urban body three-tier panchayat elections are becoming interesting in Madhya Pradesh. Congress and BJP are trying their best to make their candidates win. Strong leaders themselves are landing in the fray for the election campaign. On one hand, all the BJP ministers including Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan, BD Sharma and the office bearers of the organization are seen active in the field of elections. The Congress is also active, including former Chief Ministers of Congress Kamal Nath and Digvijay Singh, because they are seeing the coming assembly elections of 2023. Meanwhile, on Tuesday, former Chief Minister and Rajya Sabha MP Digvijay Singh has fiercely retaliated by calling the BJP the cut off tickets of councilor candidates with criminal background as a farce.

This allegation was made on the district vice president of BJP

He said that for the last 2-3 days, BJP State President BD Sharma and Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan are trying to tell the public that habitual criminals have no place in BJP. While candidate from Ward 12 of Panna Municipality, Kirti Trivedi is the wife of District Vice President of BJP Ankur Trivedi. This is the same district from where BJP state president BD Sharma himself is an MP. There are more than dozens of cases registered against Ankur Trivedi. On the other hand, Avdhesh Trivedi alias Khunna Maharaj, father of Ankur Trivedi, has many cases registered against him in Kotwali and Mandla police station areas of Panna. The number of such cases is stated to be above 50.

Ankur Trivedi’s father was accused of this

Serious cases like National Security Act (NSA) are also registered against Khunna Maharaj. Due to the influence of BJP state president BD Sharma, BJP seems unable to cut the ticket of Kirti Trivedi. Along with this, he said that in the same case, former president of Panna district Divya Rani Singh shared the already viral PDF file of BD Sharma’s statement on social media regarding BJP’s double standards, in which the case registered against Ankur Trivedi and Khoonna Maharaj. . Angered by this, BJP councilor candidate of Ward 12 Kirti Trivedi lodged a complaint against Divya Rani Singh.

Said this about BD Sharma

In which the PDF of the case against Khunna Maharaj has been made viral, point no. The section shown in 17 is not applicable to them and the information is misleading and untrue. In this way, except point 17, Kirti Trivedi has agreed in a way on all the cases registered against her husband Ankur Trivedi and father-in-law Khunna Maharaj, and in this viral list of 10 cases on Khunna Maharaj, there is also a mention of a serious case of NSA. The former Chief Minister said that as BD Sharma, BJP will not contest the election if a case is registered against any of the relatives of the candidate, then what is the compulsion of BJP to contest Kirti Trivedi, the daughter-in-law of notorious criminal Khunna Maharaj and wife of land mafia Ankur Trivedi. .

BD Sharma’s double standard

Digvijay Singh said, BJP state president BD Sharma is adopting this double standard to fulfill his political purpose. He said that BD Sharma, exposing the goonda and criminal love of a minister of the BJP government, has tried to give a good message by cutting the tickets of his supporters. Then how did he miss the opportunity to cut the ticket of Ankur Trivedi, the land mafia who grabbed the land of tribals in Panna? After all, why is BD Sharma kind to the candidate of these criminal backgrounds? Is BD Sharma preparing such elements for his election?

Where the public is watching the character of BJP

BD Sharma did not take any time to cut the ticket of a supporter of a big BJP leader of Indore. Then why the parameters of political correctness of BJP got weakened in Panna. The way criminals are being given open protection in Panna by BD Sharma. Due to this, BJP’s gait, character, face has come to the fore. If the ticket of Kirti Trivedi from Ward 12 of Panna remains the same, then BJP’s claim of not allowing people with criminal background to contest elections will prove to be false.

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