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Betul: For some time now, on hearing the word bulldozer,...

Betul: For some time now, on hearing the word bulldozer, pictures emerge in the minds of people destroying the illegal construction of miscreants and mafia. But, a bulldozer can also have a unique use, a groom from Betul told everyone. This groom took out the procession on a bulldozer instead of a bullock cart, mare or wagon. People were also stunned to see this. The groom, an engineer by profession, thoroughly enjoyed it. Now this video is becoming fiercely viral on social media.

bulldozer procession

The picture of this dancing and singing bulldozer groom has come to the fore from Kerpani village of Betul district of Madhya Pradesh. Ankush Jaiswal, an engineer by profession, was married here. On seeing the bulldozer in front of Ankush’s house at the time of the groom’s evacuation, people were very nervous at first. They were thinking that after all, what is the work of the bulldozer in the marriage house, but, at the time of the bride’s evacuation, all the but-buts got the answer. The groom Ankush himself came out with a procession sitting in a decorated bulldozer.

The bulldozer was also well decorated for the procession. His sisters and nephews and nieces were also seen sitting with Ankush on the bulldozer. Ankush also danced while sitting on the bulldozer and was seen having a lot of fun. The residents of Kerpani village of Betul are engineers by profession. Ankush has brought this much respect for the first time to a bulldozer known for sabotage.

Why did the procession take out on the bulldozer

The groom Ankush told the media that he is a civil engineer. Due to work, he has to work for JCB every day. That’s why he decided to take out his procession from JCB. It was quite unique and interesting too. This will also show his love for his work.

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