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MP Crime News: Every year half a dozen miscreants escape...

MP Crime News: Every year half a dozen miscreants escape from the jail ward in Madhya Pradesh. Despite this, no changes have been made in the security arrangements so far. A similar case has come up again. In Rajgarh, the notorious criminal of murder and robbery escaped from the jail ward with handcuffs on the pretext of illness. The entire police administration has to bear the brunt of the negligence of the jail administration. Rajgarh police station in-charge Umesh Yadav said that about 3 months ago, Khwaju Khan was arrested in Bhojpur police station area in connection with robbery and murder. He is accused of killing a woman after a robbery.

Accused escaped from jail with handcuffs

The police arrested the accused and sent him to jail. Khawaju made an excuse for illness, after which he was admitted to the jail ward. Taking the opportunity, the accused escaped with handcuffs by breaking the skylight of the bathroom window of the jail ward of the hospital. In search of the accused, guerilla action is being taken at all the places. In this case, the police captain has ordered an inquiry. A departmental inquiry has been set up on the policemen posted in the jail ward.

Sick prisoners are admitted to the jail ward

In the jails of Madhya Pradesh, the prisoners who become more ill. He is admitted to the jail ward of the hospital. The jail ward of the hospital has been made for the sick prisoners. But in this, many influential people also reach to avoid jail sentence. Through the jail ward, the prisoners are in constant contact with their acquaintances. The meeting time is fixed between the prisoners and their relatives in the jail, but meeting can be done at any time in the jail ward. Apart from this, outside food also reaches the jail ward. Therefore, the jail ward is no less than a resting place for the influential prisoners.

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