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Misuse of Government Vehicle in Ujjain: In Ujjain, Madhya Pradesh,...

Misuse of Government Vehicle in Ujjain: In Ujjain, Madhya Pradesh, a case has come to light of the government vehicle of Khandwa Collector being used for religious tour. Collectors are being told on leave these days. The government safari vehicle (MP 9 AV 7575) arrived outside the administrative office of Mahakaleshwar temple. There were some people in this vehicle. According to the information received from the administrative office, the people who came in the vehicle were made to see VIP receipts.

According to the information received, the officials had received a call that the relatives of the Khandwa collector were coming for Mahakal Darshan. After this VIP passes were issued from the administrative office of Mahakal temple. It is being told that Khandwa Collector Anoop Kumar Singh is going on leave from personal work for the last few days. Due to the Panchayat and local body elections, his charge has been given to Additional Commissioner Rajni Singh posted in Indore. Meanwhile, a case of misuse of his vehicle has come to the fore.

Received this information about the vehicle

The use of government vehicles provided for government work has been seen many times in private work. The election model code of conduct is in place in the state, in such a situation, the government vehicle reached Ujjain from Khandwa, 200 km away without any permission. DM was also written on the vehicle. On gathering information, it was found that the number of the said vehicle has been given to the Khandwa collector only.

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The call came by this name

Mahakaleshwar temple committee officials said that a call had come in the name of the collector’s steno. However, when an attempt was made to contact Khandwa Collector Anoop Kumar Singh on mobile in this regard, he could not be contacted. In this whole matter, it is also being said that on Wednesday, the vehicle was delivered in Ujjain tour program of Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan. As of now, no official statement has come out regarding the matter.

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