MP Panchayat Election 2022 Most Educated Woman Candidate For Sarpanch Post In Rangwasa Of Indore ANN

Panchayat Election 2022: Amidst the hustle and bustle of Panchayat...

Panchayat Election 2022: Amidst the hustle and bustle of Panchayat elections in Madhya Pradesh, a candidate is in the headlines. Mamtesh Chauhan of Indore is the female candidate who has tried luck in the election. In Rangwasa of Rau assembly, BJP supported candidate Mamtesh Chauhan is being discussed about education. Mamtesh Chauhan, the female candidate who contested for the post of Sarpanch, is the most educated among the Sarpanch candidates of the district. Mamtesh Chauhan had the passion to do something for the rural areas by writing a lot of education since childhood. So first completed BA, then LLB, BEd, MSW (Master of Social Work) and PGDCA. Now doing MA in English Literature.

Most educated female candidate in the battle of Rangwasa

He says that because of the passion for social work, I did MSW. Gained experience of working in social service and rural area by joining NGOs. With all-round development in the villages, my aim is to carry forward the traditions, culture. Along with maintaining greenery in the village, development should also take place. There is a lot to be done for women as well, such as the literacy rate among women should reach 100 percent. How to increase the scope of women entering politics. If Mamtesh wanted, she could have lived a happy life by doing a job of 40 to 50 thousand rupees a month. But the spirit of social service forced him to choose the path of Sarpanch.

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BJP’s support to Mamtesh for Sarpanch

Mamtesh’s husband Praveen Chauhan is also engaged in public relations with his wife shoulder to shoulder. The college’s sports teacher husband says that women do not get a chance to leave. Now with the reservation of female seat for the post of Sarpanch, we have got an opportunity to use it. My wife is well educated. It is seen many times that the election is contested by the wife and the husband takes charge. But my wife is educated. After winning the election, the wife will be able to do public service in her own way. However, BJP and Congress supported candidates are engaged in campaigning in the Panchayat elections. The candidate for the post of Sarpanch, supported by BJP, is being known as the candidate with the most degrees in the state.

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