Muharram 2022 Ashura Today Know History Importance Of This Day

Ashura History and Importance: According to the Islamic calendar, Ramadan...

Ashura History and Importance: According to the Islamic calendar, Ramadan is considered the second holiest month of Muharram. The 10th day in this month is the date of Ashura, which has special significance in the religion of Islam. The month of Muharram started from July 31, so today is the date of Ashura. It is also known as Youm-e-Ashura. In Islam, this day is of mourning.

About 1400 years ago, in the city of Karbala, Iraq, a war broke out between the Prophet Muhammad’s grandson, Hazrat Imam Hussain, and the Yazid army. Hazrat Imam Hussain was fighting for the defense of Islam. In this war, Hazrat Imam Hussain along with his family and 72 companions gave martyrdom. The day of martyrdom of Hazrat Imam Hussain was the V date of Muharram i.e. Ashura. Therefore, in his memory, the people of the Muslim community mourn Ashura.

That’s why a mourning procession is taken out with freshmen

Ashura is taken out in a mourning procession with Tajios on behalf of the Muslim community. Tajis are also considered a symbol of those who died in the battle of Karbala. The tomb of Hazrat Imam Hussain is in Iraq. People of the Shia community make a tomb-like tazia, take out a procession and mournfully say, “Ya Hussain, we are not.” It means “Hazrat Iman Hussain, we are all sad, in the battle of Karbala.” We were not, otherwise we would have sacrificed to protect Islam.

This time Ashura is today in India, then in Saudi Arabia, Oman, Qatar, UAE, Iraq, Bahrain and other Arab countries, it was there yesterday i.e. on 8th August due to the beginning of Muharram on 30th July.

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