Muharram 2022 What Is Ashura Know Everything From Ashura Importance To History

Muharram 2022: When Muharram is mentioned, Ashura is also mentioned,...

Muharram 2022: When Muharram is mentioned, Ashura is also mentioned, but many common people are only aware of this name. Many people want to know that what is this Ashura. What happened on this day and why gum (mourning) is celebrated on this day. Let us know what Ashura is. Also know about its importance and history.

What is Ashura?
According to the Islamic calendar, Muharram is the first month and the 10th of this month is called Ashura. This day is also known as Yome Ashura. This is the day when Imam Hussein along with 72 of his companions gave martyrdom in Karbala, Iraq. On this day Shia-Sunni Muslims all over the world take out processions and celebrate the sorrow of Imam Hussain.

importance of ashura
According to Shia Muslims, Ashura is the most sad day of the year. On this day, people of black Shia community wear black clothes and take out a procession. In this, fresh and alum are extracted. The martyrdom of Imam Hussain is remembered by mourning on the day of Ashura.

History of Ashura
In the year 61 Hijri (680 AD), Imam Hussein, the grandson of Prophet Muhammad, was martyred along with 72 of his companions in Karbala, Iraq, on the tenth day of Muharram i.e. Ashura. Since then, the martyrdom of Imam Hussain and his companions is remembered on the day of Ashura. Along with this, the sorrow of his martyrdom is celebrated.

What atrocities were committed on Imam Hussain and his companions?
According to history, lakhs of people were involved in Yazid’s Lashkar whereas there were only 72 people in Imam Hussain’s army. The battle started with the Fajr prayer (morning prayer) on the day of Yome Ashur i.e. Ashur. In this, the Imam’s supporters (who were included in his army) first went to war. They were attacked by the Yazidi army with arrows and swords. After this Imam Hussain’s nephews (son of Hazrat Ali’s daughter Zainab) on and Mohammad were martyred.

Arrow hit 18 year old son
After this, Imam Hussain’s brother Imam Hassan’s son Qasim went to Maidan-e-Jung. Here Yazid’s army rained arrows on them. Not only this, the army ran horses on his dead body, which broke his body into pieces. After Qasim, the 18-year-old son of Imam Hussain, Ali Akbar, got permission to fight. Neja (a kind of arrow) was hit in the chest of Ali Akbar, due to which he became martyr. After this Imam Hussain’s brother Abbas went to get water for the children. It is said that Abbas was the bravest in the army of Imam Hussain. While fetching water for the children, Yazid’s soldier shot an arrow on the head while hiding from behind a tree. After this both his hands were cut off.

6 month old child was also martyred
When all were martyred, their six-month-old child Ali Asghar survived in the army of Imam Hussain. When Imam Hussain went to the field to give water to Asghar, Hurmala, the biggest archer of Yazid’s army, hit the arrow on Asghar’s neck which was used to kill big animals at that time.

Arrows rained on Imam Hussain
When all were martyred, the Yazidi army wounded Imam Hussain with arrows, swords and daggers. After this, when Hussain was injured, Shimr, who was in Yazid’s army, beheaded him. It is said that before the martyrdom, there were more than 1900 wounds on the body of Imam Hussain.

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