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Multi Agency Maritime Security Group Meeting Delhi: 14 years after...

Multi Agency Maritime Security Group Meeting Delhi: 14 years after the 26/11 attacks of Mumbai, the first meeting of the Multi-Agency Maritime Security Group (MAMSG), formed for the security of the country’s coast and sea, was held in the capital Delhi (NCT Delhi) on Thursday. Gone. National Security Advisor (NSA) Ajit Doval presided over the meeting and stressed on coordination and cooperation with the agencies of the Center and the states to keep the country’s maritime security in check.

MAMSG was formed last year i.e. in November 2021. Its purpose is to establish better coordination between different maritime security agencies and ministries of the country. In the month of February this year, Vice Admiral G Ashok Kumar (Retd), former co-chief of the Navy, was appointed as the coordinator of MAMSG.

National security comes under NSA
The MAMSG is directly under the National Security Council Secretariat (MSCS) functioning under the NSA. In the year 2001, in the report of ‘Group of Ministers’, a reforming national security system was suggested. The formation of MAMSG is a positive step in that direction. In Thursday’s meeting, officials from all the ministries of the central government, security forces, agencies and 13 coastal states related to the sea attended.

Why is Maritime Security Important in India?
It was told in the meeting that every day about three lakh fishermen go to the sea of ​​the country for fishing. In such a situation, maritime security becomes very important. Because India is a maritime country which has 12 major ports and 200 minor ports. Fish farming is also an important part of the country’s economy and livelihood.

Talk on strengthening coastal infrastructure
In the first meeting of MMASG, filling the ‘gap’ in the security of beaches and maritime boundaries, security of ports, creation of National Maritime Database, Coastal Infrastructure Discussions were held on enhancing the capabilities of the states and union territories, including strengthening the

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