In Maharashtra, a family court in Mumbai has given a big relief to the elderly couple in the case going on for 10 years. These elderly couple were making rounds of the court for 10 years but their problem could not be resolved. This is a unique case of its kind to settle such a long dispute within half an hour. The couple, who were troubled for 10 years, got this relief from the family court here.

Been circling for 10 years
Let us tell you that there was a mutual dispute between this elderly couple for 10 years. Husband’s age is 73 years and wife’s age is 65 years. In 2012, the wife filed a case against the husband in Thane’s family court over a domestic dispute. In the meantime, both of them filed many cases against each other and kept getting disturbed by constantly going to the court. Now on May 7, both told the Lok Adalat that they want to get divorced by mutual consent.

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Application approved within 30 minutes
After listening to them, the Lok Adalat said that they should file a divorce application with mutual consent. After this both the parties filed for new divorce. The Chief Justice of the family court approved their divorce application within 30 minutes. In this way, the initiative of the Lok Adalat brought great relief to the elderly couple and the long-standing problem was resolved.

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