Mumbai Woman Yasmin Sheikh Mother Hamida Banu Missing For 20 Years Found In Pakistan By Social Media

Mumbai Woman Missing For 20 Years: Social media has often...

Mumbai Woman Missing For 20 Years: Social media has often played an important role in reuniting the separated families. Social media once again proved to be a boon for man, when a woman lost 20 years ago was found. Yasmin Sheikh, a Mumbai woman, got a big support from social media in finding her mother. His mother, who went missing 20 years ago, has been found in Pakistan.

Mumbai-based woman Yasmin Shaikh revealed that her mother had gone to Dubai to work as a cook, but never returned and could not be contacted.

Woman lost 20 years ago found in Pakistan

Yasmin Shaikh, a resident of Mumbai, told that I came to know about my mother after 20 years from a Pakistan-based social media account, which had posted a video. He told that his mother Hamida Bano had gone to Dubai to work, but she never returned. The woman told that her mother often went to Qatar for 2-4 years, but that time she went with the help of an agent and never came back.

The woman was tired of looking for her mother

Yasmin Shaikh, a resident of Mumbai said that we tried a lot to find the mother, but all the efforts went in vain as we could not even register a complaint. We didn’t even have any proof. Revealing the video that surfaced to her, Hamida Bano’s sister Shahida said she recognized her when she correctly spelled the names of her husband, siblings and household.

Urge the government to bring the mother

Yasmin Sheikh told that whenever we used to reach the agent to inquire about the whereabouts of our mother Hamida Banu, that agent used to say that my mother would meet or talk to us. doesn’t want to. The sister and daughter called it a miracle to meet him after so many years and urged the government to help him get back at the earliest.

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