NAAC Bihar Government Instruct All Universities And Colleges Will Apply For NAAC

Bihar Government on NAAC: Universities and colleges have been instructed...

Bihar Government on NAAC: Universities and colleges have been instructed by the Government of Bihar to register for NAAC. Giving instructions, it has been said that such universities and colleges, which have not yet registered for NAAC, should start preparing for it. The government has said that it is necessary for everyone to get accreditation from the UGC.

meeting will be held on this day
The officials of the Bihar State Higher Education Council will provide all kinds of information. Rekha Kumari, Director of Higher Education, Government of Bihar, has called a meeting of NAAC on August 6 for Patna University, Patliputra University and related colleges. This meeting will be organized at Jagjivan Ram Institute of Parliamentary Studies and Political Research. According to the information, State Education Minister Vijay Chaudhary, Additional Chief Secretary Deepak Kumar will also be present in this meeting.

what is knack
The National Assessment and Accreditation Council is an institution that works for assessment and recognition of higher education and other educational institutions in the country. It was established in the year 1994. CGPA (Cumulative Grade Point Average) grading system is adopted under NAAC rating. It has a minimum grade of 1.5 and a maximum grade of 4. At the time of evaluation, NAAC assigns grades to them as per the facilities provided in the universities and colleges. According to this grade, they are given recognition. The institution which gets A++ in NAAC assessment, the standard of education in that institution is very good.

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