Nagaur Homosexual Relationship Between Constable And Sho Suspended Ann

Rajasthan: A shocking case has come to light from Rajasthan,...

Rajasthan: A shocking case has come to light from Rajasthan, which has a unique identity in the whole world for art and culture. In Nagaur, a homosexual relationship between a police station officer and a constable has been exposed. The two had become friends through a social media app. As the conversation progressed, both of them started talking obscene.

Many times nude and also did phone sex. Along with this, together they make physical relation in private. This game of the body was going on for the last 8 months. The disclosure came when the 32-year-old constable started blackmailing the 57-year-old SHO. In fact, while having phone sex, the SHO did not realize that the constable was recording videos of these antics.

Constable demanded Rs 5 lakh more car

The constable extorted 2.5 lakh rupees from the police station by blackmailing him. As the greed increased, he started demanding Rs 5 lakh more luxury car. Threatened to make the video viral if the demand was not met. Fed up with this, the SHO complained to SP Ramamurthy Joshi. The SP was stunned to hear this black act of those in khaki uniform and suspended both of them at the same time. After registering a case, constable Pradeep has been arrested. The investigation has been handed over to Nagaur CO Vinod Kumar.

The accused constable is on remand for two days

Investigating officer Nagaur CO Vinod Kumar told in a conversation with ABP News that both the SHO and the constable have been suspended after the matter came to light. The accused constable Pradeep was arrested and produced in the court, from where he has been sent on police remand for two days. The police is engaged in intensive interrogation. It will also be inquired whether the constable has done such blackmailing to anyone else.

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