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PFI Ban: After getting evidence of the Popular Front of...

PFI Ban: After getting evidence of the Popular Front of India being active in terrorist activities across the country, the Modi government took a big action and banned it for five years. There was a demand to ban PFI for a long time. In this connection, raids were conducted at many places of PFI across the country in the past, after which its leaders were arrested. Not only this, the official Twitter handle of PFI has also been banned. Twitter took this action after the Indian government banned the organization.

Along with PFI, the Union Home Ministry has also banned 8 affiliated organizations associated with it in the country. The 8 organizations that have been banned include Empower India Foundation, National Confederation of Human Rights Organization India, Rehab Foundation Kerala, All India Imam Council, Rehab India Foundation, Campus Front of India and National Women’s Front. Apart from this, if reports are to be believed, then the relationship of PFI has also been linked with terrorist organizations like SIMI.

Many parties praised the Popular Front of India’s ban in India, while many demanded a ban on the Sangh as well, but there is resentment in Muslim countries about the ban on PFI. The media of Muslim countries have reacted to the ban, criticizing the Modi government. Let us see what the media of which country has said about the BJP government.

pakistani newspaper don

Pakistan’s leading newspaper Dawn has given a mixed reaction to the ban of Popular Front of India. Dawn has said that the PFI supports such demonstrations against the Modi government in the country, which Muslims see from the perspective of discrimination. Dawn cited examples as the PFI supported the anti-CAA protests in India in 2019 and the Muslim women’s hijab protests in Karnataka in 2022.

Dawn said, 13 percent of India’s total population of 140 crores are Muslims. Most of them complain about being ignored in the name of religion in the Modi government.

Dawn has further said, although the party of the Modi government has always denied the allegations of discrimination against Muslims. On the other hand, on the issue of discrimination against Muslims, the Modi government talks on the figures in which it is said that people of all religions get the benefit of the government’s schemes with baptism.

what arab news said

Regarding the ban of Popular Front of India, Arab News said that many fundamentalist Hindu groups had been demanding a ban on PFI for a long time. The news further states that since coming to power in 2014, the Modi government has been accused of bringing policies that discriminate against Muslims. Recently, the PFI was accused of instigating violence through rallies in Karnataka regarding the hijab ban of Muslim girls.

What did al-Jazeera say

The famous Al-Jazeera has said about the ban on PFI that the Bharatiya Janata Party has always rejected the claims of discrimination against Muslims. Al-Jazeera further said, “Critics believe that the victory of the BJP in the 2019 Lok Sabha elections gave the Home Ministry and investigative agencies the power to designate any person as a terrorist on the basis of allegations.”

Al-Jazeera further said, the Popular Front of India ban has been done under the UAPA Act. The UAPA Act empowers the agencies of the Government of India to take action against those working against the sovereignty and integrity of the country.

Reason for increase in PFI

Popular Front of India is considered as a hardline ideological organization. The way it works is also different from other organizations. At present, the influence of PFI is in 16 states of India, while more than 15 Muslim organizations are associated with it, with whom it works together.

PFI has lakhs of members across the country. These members are the strength of the organization. However, PFI claims that it has influence in 23 states. PFI workers are constantly active in states like Assam, Bihar, Jharkhand, West Bengal, Uttar Pradesh, Kerala, Andhra Pradesh. Due to the suspicious activities of PFI, there is a demand to ban it in many states.

Involved in 27 political murders

The PFI is accused that when the Students Islamic Movement of India (SIMI) was banned (2001) in the country, most of its leaders joined the PFI. PFI has been in controversies from the beginning, even during that time it has been accused of inciting communal riots and spreading hatred.

Significantly, in 2014, the state government filed an affidavit in the Kerala High Court, according to which PFI workers were responsible for 27 political murders in Kerala. At the same time, it has also been said in the affidavit that this organization was involved in one way or the other in 106 communal incidents in Kerala.

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