Natco Pharma Shares Shares Turns 1 Lakh Rupees To 1.33 Crore In Long Term Know Details

Natco Pharma Stocks: We all know that investing in the...

Natco Pharma Stocks: We all know that investing in the Share Market is very risky, but if the investor invests money at the right place, he can get very strong returns. The stocks which help in giving tremendous returns to the investors in a short period of time are called Multibagger Stocks.

Shares of Natco Pharma, a leading pharma company that manufactures cancer and hepatitis C drugs in the country, are put in the category of multibagger stocks because it has given strong returns to its investors in the long term. If we talk about this stock according to the present, then it has seen a rapid decrease in the last few days.

Natco Pharma’s price may increase by 16%
Yesterday also a decrease in its price was seen and it closed at 567. But according to many market experts, there can be an increase in its price and it can also touch the figure of Rs.660. In this case, it is about 16 percent more than the current price. While talking about the market cap of this share, it is Rs 10,350.08 crore.

Know about the details of Natco Pharma Company-
The medicine of Natco Pharma company is also sold in the American market. While talking about India, a total of 39 brand medicines of this brand are sold. Apart from this, this company also manufactures API ie Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients. Now this company has also started making medicine to save the crops. In such a situation, this company has now taken entry in the agriculture field as well. In such a situation, looking at the growing business of the company, experts are advising to buy it.

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Shares of the company gave a return of 1.33 crores in 20 years
The listing of Natco Pharma Company took place on 22 November 2022. The price of this share at the time of listing was Rs 4.24. Now it has increased to close at Rs.567. In such a situation, if an investor would have invested a total of Rs 1 lakh at that time, now it has increased by 133 times to reach Rs 567. In such a situation, Rs 1 lakh would now have become a total of Rs 1.33 crore. This stock has touched its highest level of Rs 942.15 on January 17, 2022. Now market experts believe that this stock can touch Rs.660.

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