Nationa Herald Case BJP Slams Congress Party Over Herald Case Sambit Patra Said Family Has To Be Saved | Nationa Herald Case: The whole country is watching the behavior of Congress party, said Sambit Patra

Nation Herald News: The troubles of the Congress regarding the...

Nation Herald News: The troubles of the Congress regarding the National Herald case are not decreasing. After the action of ED, BJP spokesperson Sambit Patra has strongly attacked the Congress party regarding the National Herald case. Patra said that “Now there will be no solicitation, that is, there will be war.” Sambit Patra said that yesterday when the Congress office was closed, you saw what kind of atmosphere was created by the party.

Kharge may come to the party office, but…
Sambit Patra said tauntingly, “Mallikarjun Kharge can come to the office of the Congress party, but he cannot come to the office of the National Herald, why so? What are you going to do? What does Rahul Gandhi want to hide, what did you do during the election? Even in the affidavit given, Rahul Gandhi hid the facts. You have seen the atmosphere created by the Congress.

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People know everything – Sambit
Sambit Patra further said, “Congressmen say that there will be no solicitation now. But the public knows everything. In fact, in the National Herald case, the Enforcement Directorate (ED), taking major action, has sealed the office of Young India located at Herald House. On Wednesday, the ED searched this office, after which it was sealed. Sonia Gandhi holds 38% shares of Young Indian Company and the same number is with Rahul Gandhi. Young Indian is the company that took over Associated Journals Limited ie AJL.

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