National Coast Guard Day 2022 US Coast Guard’s Journey 177 Years Sometimes Name And Work Changed But Not Mission

Coast Guard Day 2022: National Coast Guard Day 2022 is...

Coast Guard Day 2022: National Coast Guard Day 2022 is celebrated in America every year on 4th August. Even after 177 years of its establishment on August 4, 1790, this force is engaged in the defense of the country. The United States Coast Guard is one of the 6 US Armed Forces. It is a branch of the Marine Service Force. Raising Day is special for Coast Guard members. Coast Guard jawans celebrate Raising Day like a festival. Thousands of events are organized in honor of the Coast Guard. In which a large number of people are involved. Let’s celebrate this day and give our support to the Coast Guard.

History of the US Coast Guard

The Coast Guard was established 177 years ago on August 4, 1790. It is one of the oldest defense forces in America. The Coast Guard was America’s only armed force at sea until the Navy’s inception. In the year 1915, a separate force was formed by merging the Revenue Cutter Service and the American Life Guard Service, which was named Coast Guard. It then became the only maritime service to save lives at sea and enforce the nation’s maritime laws. From 1939 to 2003, many changes were made in it.

Force One, Mission Many

The United States Coast Guard works under several missions. At present, this force works like the Federal Law Enforcement Agency and the Army, then works under the Department of Homeland Security during peace in the country. The Coast Guard protects America’s major sea coast and ports. It also protects the country from terrorism and foreign threats. At the time of war, this force is also transferred to the US Navy. Then it works under that.

United States Coast Guard Jobs

  • This force has more than 56,000 members. who work for multiple missions.
  • This force protects sea ports and waterways.
  • The security of the waterway spread over one lakh miles in the US border is handed over to this force.
  • The Coast Guard protects America from 4.5 million square miles north of the Arctic Circle.
  • Dealing with sea traffic, hazardous material shipping, bridge administration, oil spill response, shipbuilding and operations.
  • The US Coast Guard is headquartered on the St. Elizabeth Campus in Washington DC. From here its policy and other policies are made.

Coast Guard saves 10 lives every day

According to a report, the US Coast Guard saves the lives of about 10 people every day. Investigate 35 pollution incidents. About 45 rescue and search operations are conducted daily by the Coast Guard. 874 pounds of cocaine and 214 pounds of marijuana are confiscated almost every day. It is said that the US Coast Guard seizes a drug smuggling vessel every five days. Along with this, 57 water boats remain on patrol for maritime security. Along with merchant and commercial ships, they protect ships and ports coming from other countries.

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