National Herald Case BJP Hits Out At Rahul Gandhi Sonia Gandhi

National Herald Case: On the National Herald case, the BJP...

National Herald Case: On the National Herald case, the BJP has once again put the Congress in the dock through a press conference. BJP said that Rahul Gandhi should answer the questions of the people. BJP said that the unfair treatment being done by their leaders is intolerable. BJP spokesperson Gaurav Bhatia alleged that Rahul Gandhi, you are not afraid of the law, then why are you approaching the court like a citizen. The way Rahul Gandhi has shown today is not right. Answer the questions we have asked. Your silence shows, there is a lot of black in it.

BJP spokesperson said that there is no such political family in the country, whose 3 members are out on bail, Sonia Gandhi, Rahul Gandhi and Robert Vadra. First theft then snatched theft. In a democracy, dignity is essential. The ED and other agencies are being intimidated by them by talking nonsense. It is being said that ED should go to Sonia and Rahul Gandhi’s house, how is this. The law of our country says that whoever is accused, he will be interrogated and will be in the headquarters. Don’t be a word-bearer, be a fact-veer, keep the facts.

Listen to Rahul and Sonia Gandhi…

BJP spokesperson Gaurav Bhatia said that this country runs by the Constitution. Rahul and Sonia Gandhi should listen that they are not above the law. Both are out on bail. He said that it is necessary to tell Rahul Gandhi and his party in very strict words that what kind of indecent behavior of their leaders is not right. You got bail in the lower court and that bail order considers you an accused. You went to the Delhi High Court saying it was a matter of political malice. Delhi High Court said that the matter will not be quashed. On 12 February 2016, Sonia Gandhi approached the Supreme Court to quash the case. Then the court said that we will not interfere.

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These are the questions of the whole country

BJP also said that Congress party leader Motilal Bohra is being blamed. 38 percent shareholding of Sonia Gandhi and 38 percent is in Rahul Gandhi’s Young India. When the control is with these two, then why are they being blamed. BJP said that a company named Dotex gives a loan of 1 crore to Young India (which has nothing). They should tell whether the Gandhi family looted the country or not. Not even a single rupee has gone from Rahul Gandhi’s pocket. (Properties worth Rs 2000 crores get included in Young India, this is wrong) These are all the questions of the country, which they should answer to the country. BJP alleged that the country’s investigative agencies are called abusive words. They are called edet and pet. BJP said that today Rahul Gandhi is out on bail. He has lost the election of Amethi and has got 40 elections defeated.

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