National Saving Certificate NSC How To Apply For Duplicate NSC Certificate

How To Apply for Duplicate NSC Certificate: National Saving Certificate...

How To Apply for Duplicate NSC Certificate: National Saving Certificate is one of the most famous small saving schemes of the post office. Investors get better returns by investing in NSC. By investing in NSC, you get a return of 6.8 percent on an annual basis (NSC Interest Rate). This scheme is different from market risks. In this case, you get a definite return in this.

On investing in the National Savings Certificate, investors get a certificate by the Post Office Scheme. You will be able to get the money deposited in the account only after showing this certificate. But, many times if this certificate is lost, then investors have to face a big problem in withdrawing money. If you have also lost your National Savings Certificate, then there is no need to worry. You can get duplicates of this. So let’s know about this (Process for Applying Duplicate NSC Certificate)-

Why is NSC certificate necessary?
Let us tell you that you get this certificate by depositing money in the National Saving Certificate Scheme of the post office. Please note that this certificate is very important. It is only through this certificate that you can claim the scheme on maturity. In this scheme you can invest the amount for 5 years. After 5 years you can get this claim only by showing the National Savings Certificate.

Follow this process to get duplicate NSC certificate-
To get duplicate NSC, first of all go to the place from where you have bought this NSC certificate. After this, you will first be given a form to get the duplicate certificate. This form has to be filled. After this, you will also have to fill the correct date of NSC certificate in it. After that you have to write the reason why you want the duplicate form. After this, after the submission of this form, you will get a duplicate certificate.

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