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Neom The Line City: Saudi Arabia is going to build...

Neom The Line City: Saudi Arabia is going to build a 170 km long ultra modern city which is not going to be less than a wonder. In the mountainous desert, where there is neither drinking water nor tree shade, this city will be full of greenery and nature. This city will have such state-of-the-art facilities which are only seen in Hollywood movies.

This project has been named as Neom ‘The Line’ City. ‘The Line’ because this city will be built in a straight line. On 29 July, Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman presented the design of this ambitious project to the world.

No Roads, No Cars, Zero Carbon Emissions
There will be no roads and no cars will ply in this entire city. High speed trains will run to connect one section of the city to another. It is claimed that this city will run completely on renewable energy and will be a city with zero carbon emissions. This city will be of three levels. On the upper floor there will be only natural scenery full of greenery. People will stay on the second floor.

All facilities related to daily life like schools, hospitals and malls will be there. All the necessary things will be done at a walking distance of only 5 minutes. High speed trains will run on the third and lowest floors. It will take only 20 minutes to reach from one corner of the city to the other, which is 170 km long. This megacity will run with artificial intelligence. According to the plan, the drone taxi here will be airborne. Jurassic Park will be an amusement park like the one shown in the movie and will have a large artificial moon.

8 Height as Qutub Minar
So far we have seen that the expansion of the city is horizontal, whereas the expansion of this city is going to be vertical instead of horizontal. That is, from bottom to top. Whose height will be 500 meters. To understand this in simple words, the height of Qutub Minar is 73 meters, that is, the city will be situated at a height of about 8 Qutub Minars on top of one.

The height of the Eiffel Tower is 350, that is, this city will be higher than the Eiffel Tower. There will be a living arrangement for 90 lakh people in this city. The outer walls of this ‘The Line’ city, which will be built in a straight line 200 meters in width, will be mirror-faced.

Where will this city be built?
This future city is being built near Tabuk, UAE. On one side is the Gulf of Aqaba, and on the other side is the Egyptian city 5 km from Red C. Neom, which has already developed as a tourist hotspot. It is planned that these two cities will be connected through a bridge. ‘The Line’ City is geographically located at a place where 40% of the world’s population can reach in just 6 hours.

The goal is to build by 2030
Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman announced this project in 2017 and set a target of completing ‘The Line’ project by 2030. It is estimated that $ 500 billion will be spent to build this city. This city will be settled on the same level as the European country Belgium. The area of ‚Äč‚Äčthis city is 30,528 sq km. In other words, this city will be about 33 times bigger than New York.

Preparing to end dependence on oil
Continuously depleting petroleum is coming up as a big challenge for the Gulf countries. According to Stanford University, by 2052 either the resources of oil will be completely exhausted or it will not be profitable to extract it. That’s why the Saudi prince plans to rebrand Saudi, which he calls “Vision 2030”.

The plan also aims to give competition to its Gulf neighbors like Dubai and Abu Dhabi in the field of tourism industry. The goal is also to bring 100 million annual tourists here, which will boost the local economy by billions of dollars.

Water globe will supply water
At present, the UAE provides drinking water for its people only after purifying the sea water. The cost of which is very high. Therefore, a new technology is being adopted to give water to an ultratech city like Neom.

In which large globe shaped ponds of glass will be prepared, in which sea water will come and it will be heated with solar energy. Then its vapor will be cooled to make potable water. Not only will renewable energy be used to make it, but the cost of making it will also come down. It is believed that 5 crore liters of fresh water will be made daily from this. At present, where the cost of making 1000 liters of drinking water comes to $1, the cost of making water with this method will cost 62 percent less. That is, 1000 liters of drinking water will be prepared in 38 cents.

Where will the funds come from?
According to Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, the Neom business zone will be listed on the Saudi stock market in 2024. Saudi Arabia will set aside 300 billion riyals in the name of the Neom Investment Fund.

According to the Crown Prince, the first phase of the neom, which will be completed by 2030, will cost 1.2 trillion riyals. Half of its expenditure will be borne by the Saudi Sovereign Wealth Fund. Apart from this, the world is also being called to invest in Neom. However, experts believe that it is not possible to build such an ultra hi-tech city by 2030.

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