New Law In Russia For War If You Don’t Serve Any One Then Punishment For 10 Year Imprisionment

New Law in Russia for War: Russian President Vladimir Putin...

New Law in Russia for War: Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a legal bill on Saturday (September 24) calling for long prison terms for the absence and non-appearance of military personnel during the war. There is a provision for punishment. The move comes three days after Putin announced a partial military mobilization for the war in Ukraine. In fact, these legal changes introduce martial law and wartime concepts into the Russian Criminal Code for the first time.

According to the bill published on the State Duma website, voluntary surrender under the law can be punished with up to 15 years in prison, but the first refusal can be exempt from criminal liability. The condition is that he should take measures for his release. Return to your unit or post and do not commit any other crime while in captivity.

During the period of mobilization or wartime, deportation would be punished with 10 years, while those who raised objections while in service would face three years in prison.

Provision to give citizenship to foreigners

According to the law, there is also a provision to grant citizenship to foreigners serving Russia. According to the bill, “foreign citizens who have signed a contract of service in the Russian armed forces, army or military formations for at least one year may be able to acquire Russian citizenship under a simplified procedure without obtaining a residence permit.” Will be.” According to the earlier law, “foreign nationals were required to serve in the military under contract for at least three years.”

The proposal was presented by the MPs of all the parties in July.

At the same time, there is also a provision of 15 years imprisonment for looting during war and mobilization in this law. The bill was introduced in July by MPs from all parties represented in Parliament. This week was passed swiftly by both houses of the Russian parliament. Many observers saw its rapid passage through parliament as Putin’s announcement of partial mobilization.

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