9 Ways Walmart Is Innovating with Technology

Walmart is a multinational retail corporation in America having a chain of grocery stores, hypermarkets, and discount department stores. The corporation is headquartered in Bentonville, Arkansas, U.S. and was founded on June 13, 1945. The founder of the retail corporation is Sam Walton. If we talk about its stores, Walmart has 11,438 stores and clubs in 27 countries and operating under 55 different names. For two years, the company has evolved a lot e-commerce buys and has been working on new technology to help fuel growth. Walmart Black Friday gives users an opportunity to buy their groceries and other products on heavy discounts.  is also another feature that helps customers to pay with ease or can even use their debit or credit card. Walmart Technology has taken a step forward to drive efficiency and improve employee conditions, therefore, reducing turnover and operational costs. Today we’ll be discussing the various technologies that Walmart has introduced and made the work easier in most of their stores.

List Of Innovation In Walmart Stores

Below is a list of some of the products that help customers while they shop for their home. The technology has made the work easier but also it has also proved that this century is way faster than the time when customers have to stand in queue and get their shopping done. Everything is available and easily approachable in the grocery mall. Let’s discuss some of the innovations that Walmart is in news for much time.

Autonomous Shelf Scanner

It is a beautifully designed technology that has never seen before. The autonomous shelf scanner is served in 47 stores across the U.S. giving associates more time to focus on serving their customers. They are programmed so that they can identify whether the stock level is low. The scanner can even identify whether the prices are wrong or the labels are missing. This feature in the scanner is amazing and allows associates with a real-time view of the store that needs the most attention.

 Dotcom Store App

This is a very interesting app that is developed to know where your product is kept. It also tells you whether the product is out of stock or still there in a particular place or section. Customers can pay at any register in-store by using whatever payment mode they want. Customers can use their cash, check, debit card, credit card or Walmart Pay. This makes a person easily shop plus pay the way that feels convenient to them.

Grocery Pickup and Delivery

Whether you are a student or a busy mom, everyone can easily make the use of the Walmart Grocery Pickup facility. Shopping becomes very convenient for day to to day life if you simply have to choose while sitting at home. This facility is pretty good for all busy hectic people. Customers don’t have to take a special time for shopping especially when it comes to grocery shopping. At the moment, 2146 stores offer grocery pickup and it is increasing day by day. Every person who users grocery pickup finds it the best way to shop. Walmart has launched a new grocery delivery service which is available in 35 cities across the country. The grocery delivery is partner with third party delivery team members to bring online orders straightway to the customer’s doorstep. Customers just have to make a basket at Walmart simply via mobile app and select a convenient pickup or delivery location. Rest their team will do it within the dedicated time. They offer quality work and their team members are very good at delivering excellent services to their valuable clients.

Handheld Apps

This app is very helpful in giving critical information into the hands of associates so that they can assist every day. The Walmart Handheld App tools enable associates to do their job perfectly. Customers can easily check their product is available in the store and where the product is situated in which category or place. Walmart has made the work of every individual easier and this not only saves time but also makes life faster and secure. Now people hardly carry money with then. The best way is to swap your card and get the task done from whichever part you are residing in.

Walmart Pickup Towers

Walmart Tower is known for delivering millions of items to the local Walmart store. It is a 16 feet pickup tower that delivers products to the local Walmart Store without the cost of shopping. You can state the Walmart tower as a high tech vending machine. There are around 1211 stores that are equipped with the pickup tower. And in the coming year it will get double to this. All over the US, customers can easily shop without any hindrance.

Check Out with Me

This is a new service that has been launched recently where customers don’t have to stand in a queue and wait for your number to check out. The service is completely outfitted with cellular devices and Bluetooth printers help in the complete check out process from anywhere on the sales floor. Customers will be given a receipt via print, text or email. This service is very simple and will don’t irritate or make you feel tired while you shop.


This is another interesting app that is perfect for a customer to use. This technology that Walmart has recently launched is being installed in Salem, New Hampshire store. This was designed and created especially for Walmart. The feature in this technology is that it allows associates prep Walmart Online orders, even more, faster by using the autonomous mobile carts to deliver the items that are needed from storage to organize, assemble and deliver to the customer’s vehicle. Isn’t it interesting? This makes the work faster without much hard work. 

Store Maps

The Walmart App features a store map especially created for each Walmart store assisting customers in finding everything customers are looking for. You just have to open the app in stores or simply by sitting at home. Customers can easily search for the item through this new feature. You will get the product in the precise location with the help of the map.

Virtual Reality Training

VR training with the help of technology has transformed the way of working in the Walmart store. The associates are trained enough in getting the immersive, virtual reality technology to get the task done and fulfill the ends of every valuable customer.

These were the innovation that Walmart stores are functioning. The advantage of this is many as discussed in detail. Walmart Gift Card is also available which can get you discount and money back on items you purchase. The best way to carry work without wasting any time. More alertness is required as compared to hard work. The associated under Walmart are trained enough to meet the requirements with patience and knowledge. On the other hand, customers can easily shop whenever they want with so many apps and facilities that they haven’t thought of.

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